Star Wars: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up C-3PO As A Character

Love him or fight the urge to switch him off, C-3PO has been binding the Star Wars universe together for decades as Anthony Daniels waddles his way through the Skywalker saga and countless other series. With his shrill voice, shiny plating, and constant worrying, Goldenrod has been hard to miss as he’s faced off against Separatists, the Galactic Empire, and finally the First Order.

He may not be the bravest droid, but with R2-D2 by his side, he’s become an iconic mascot for the franchise. Fans have been celebrating Threepio with a variety of memes that perfectly capture his anxious personality and hilarious missteps.


Some People Find C-3PO Annoying

Not all protocol droids have the same flamboyant personality as C-3PO, who seemed programmed to be an excessive worrier. Considering he was cobbled together from a kit that Anakin Skywalker discovered in Watto’s scrapyard, this may have come from a desire to look after his mother, Schmi.

However Threepio came to be so highstrung, his constant and excessive stream of consciousness while characters like Luke, Han, or Rey are trying to solve problems causes more harm than good. He wants to be helpful, but ironically lacks the social skills necessary to understand when his random facts just compound a doomed situation. Droids like R2 and BB-8 who communicate with beeps, or K-2SO who is fluent in sarcasm, are more popular with fans because they don’t get on their nerves.

Everyone Always Makes Fun Of Him

In every installment in the Skywalker saga, characters find a way to poke fun at C-3PO for his mannerisms, his endless stream of facts, or the fact that he doesn’t know when to keep his golden trap shut. Despite building him, Anakin shows no fondness, and Luke prefers the company of R2. Even those outside the Skywalker clan, like Han and Lando, completely ignore him.

Most characters find a way to insult C-3PO, but he still has a lot of useful droid abilities. Being fluent in over 6 million forms of communication helped Threepio converse with Uncle Owen’s moisture vaporators, the Millennium Falcon, and the Ewoks, all of which eased the burden of stress on the humans around him. Nevertheless, he makes an easy target, a role he’s happy to play if it means he gets to accompany his friends.

He’s Been An Important Part Of The Skywalker Saga

Not only did Anakin build C-3PO, but in th strange way that history repeats itself, he also became the property of Anakin’s cousin through marriage, Luke’s Uncle Owen. Threepio may not have accompanied his master off Tatooine the first time, but he was there at the crucial juncture when his son Luke became the hero of the galaxy.

Storylines George Lucas had used in the original trilogy made their way back to his prequel trilogy. Father’s and son’s losing limbs and being desperate to make something of their lives among the stars, these circular plot points are reminiscent of the invisible hand of fate, embodied by one protocol droid who always happens to be exactly where the hero’s journey needs him to be.

He’s Been Played By Anthony Daniels In Every Live-Action Star Wars Film

Anthony Daniels has portrayed C-3PO for over 40 years in one of the most recognizable film franchises of all time. Whether it’s in the Skywalker saga, or animated series like Star Wars Rebels, or appearing on the Muppets Show, he has brought a unique presence to a character who is symbolic of the wonders of the sci-fi genre.

His performance gave C-3PO some of his most hilarious quotes, and in his new memoir I Am C-3PO he discusses how he came to develop the droid’s character, way of speaking, and temperament. Interestingly enough, Lucas originally wanted him to sound like a New York cab driver, which would have fundamentally changed the effect of the character’s signature speaking voice.

He’s Got A Distinct Look

Since he first appeared gleaming in the Tatooine sun in A New Hope, C-3PO has been a standout character in design. Mark Hamill himself, who spent a great deal of time with Daniels in the scenes filmed in Tunisia, tweeted that Threepio’s design was actually inspired by Fritz Lang’s automoton from the 1927 sci-fi movie Metropolis. Like A New Hope, Metropolis was considered a pioneer in the sci-fi genre, with visual effects unmatched for over thirty years.

This meme shows Threepio on the red carpet beside Lil Nas X wearing a conspicuously similar suit of golden armor. While the original Goldenrod may have worn his the best, it’s important to recognize that even his design wasn’t without inspiration. Threepio’s aesthetic is significant to not only the story of Star Wars, but the story of cinema.

He’s Always Worrying About R2-D2

Some of the most iconic scenes in all of the Star Wars franchise involve C-3PO and R2-D2, usually with the feisty little astromech droid heading off to get himself involve in something dangerous while Threepio cautions him about putting his parts at risk.

For as much as C-3PO is worried about R2-D2, they still make up one of the best duos in the original trilogy because of how much they care about one another. Threepio complains because he doesn’t want to be left alone, and R2 defies Threepio because he wants him to step outside of his comfort zone and be a little more spontaneous.

He’s Gone Through A Lot

In Japanese culture, there’s a custom of repairing broken objects (usually pottery) with gold. While that might seem counterintuitive or flashy, it’s done to actually draw attention to the cracks and flaws, presenting the object’s rough history as a narrative of beauty. In many ways, the object is now seen as more appealing because of its cracks, not in spite of them.

In that sense, being made entirely of gold, Threepio can be viewed as someone who has suffered greatly but appears more attractive because of it. Having been shot at by stormtroopers, tampered with by jawas, blown apart by Ugnaughts, and everything in between, he’s quite stalwart for such a fussy droid.

The Ewoks Worshipped Him

C-3PO finally got some respect on Endor, when the Ewoks worshipped him as a god. When Han suggested he use his “divine influence” to free them, the protocol droid shut him down; his programming forbid him from “impersonating a deity.” As a result of him exercising his morals, Han, Luke, and Chewie were almost roasted alive.

Did the Ewoks on Endor continue to worship Threepio as a god, as this meme suggests? They certainly saw him as a revered tribal storyteller as he regaled them with tales of the Galactic Civil War and the lengths his friends had gone to in order to stop the Empire. Some fans might find the Ewoks irritating, but this scene allowed for a moment of ironic brevity, and gave C-3PO a little recognition for once.

His Fanbase Is Really Passionate

For all the unpopular opinions about C-3PO, he has a strong fanbase. Whereas other droids like R2 and BB-8 can only be interpreted by the humans around them, no one has to wonder what Threepio is thinking. Astromech droids are ubiquitous in the franchise, but protocol droids are seen only on a few occasions.

One memorable protocol droid named E-3PO memorably cursed Threepio in Huttese while he was wandering the halls of Cloud City. Up until that point, it had seemed like a bastion of solemnity and tranquility, but the scene informed viewers that it could be a hostile, abrassive place too, perhaps indicating things to come.

He Knows A Lot Of Sensitive Information

Given the way the Skywalker saga took shape over the course of dozens of drafts, it was natural for plot holes to develop, specifically around certain droids like Threepio and R2-D2 who have been present for almost every single important thing to happen in the lives of the Skywalkers.

This meme asserts that Threepio knows Luke and Leia are siblings but says nothing. In reality, it’s more correct that R2 is the one who knows, and Threepio learned it from him (if he passed that piece of information along). Threepio’s memory was wiped shortly after Luke and Leia were born, so it’s highly unlikely he knew they were related at all.

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