Star Wars: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mace Windu As A Character

While Obi-Wan Kenobi might not have focused on the Jedi Master’s peers in the prequel trilogy, there’s been a rise in appreciation for prequel-era characters like Mace Windu, played by the venerated Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson portrayed Windu as a different sort of Jedi Master who was more officious than Qui-Gon Jinn, and more direct than Jedi Master Yoda, sparking a loyal fanbase among those who liked his tough and no-nonsense approach to the light side.

When last fans saw Windu, he was about to end Darth Sidious’s campaign to restore the Sith. Of course, that would have rendered the original trilogy null and void, so Windu had to be taken out of the picture. Regarldess, that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating him in plenty of memes and hoping one day the mighty Jedi warrior might return.


He’s Astute

While it took Master Windu some time to determine that Darth Sidious was indeed the Sith Lord that the Council had been searching for, once he uncovered the Sith’s plot, he immediately went to exterminate him. Had he succeeded, Sidious would never have been able to build his Empire, and Anakin Skywalker would have never become Darth Vader. Unfortunately, it was Anakin who stopped him from altering galactic history.

Anakin’s flimsy excuse was that Palpatine needed to “stand trail” for his crimes, which Master Windu knew to be ridiculous because Palpatine had control of the Senate anyway. Furthermore, Anakin had executed Count Dooku because he was “too dangerous to be kept alive.” Master Windu always suspected Anakin would be too swayed by the manipulations of Palpatine and his other compromised politicians, and he was right.

He Can Be Hypocritical

Master Windu always had a suspicious attitude when it came to politicians, but was particularly blinded by Chancellor Palpatine, who was effectively using the dark side of the Force to prevent any Jedi from discovering his true identity as a Sith Lord. During their many interactions, Master Windu came to represent and embody the dogmatic views of the Jedi Order.

He himself charged with a battalion of clone troopers and fellow Jedi Knights into the arena on Geonosis, where he killed the bounty hunter Jango Fett right in front of his son. Windu allowed himself and the Jedi to be converted from the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy to being its scourges. It was this inability to see the Jedi Order’s own faults that blinded him to the truth of Palpatine’s schemes.

He Has One Of The Most Distinct Lightsabers In The Franchise

Lightsaber colors can have many meanings, and wielding a purple lightsaber made Master Windu’s blade distinct for a number of reasons; n Claudia Gray’s novel Master and Apprentice the blade’s hue is achieved by its Jedi wielder bonding to their saber’s Kyber crystal, and as a practitioner of Form VII, a form of combat that requires a Jedi to inhabit a space perilously in between both the light side of the Force and the dark side, it makes sense that Master Windu’s saber would take on a pigment that is mercurial.

As Jackson explained on The Graham Norton Show, he specifically requested a purple lightsaber so that he would be able to locate himself during the fight scene in the arena on Geonosis amidst hundreds of Jedi extras.

He’s Incredibly Serious

One of the most salient things about Master Windu is his incredibly dour facial expressions. While Master Jinn is able to make light-hearted comments about the Living Force, or Master Yoda is able to poke fun at Master Kenobi for “losing a planet,” Master Windu almost never smiles during his time onscreen.

Part of his demeanor comes down to Jackson’s creative choices as a performer, and part is due to Master Windu’s reputation as a Jedi Master and a skilled combatant being so widely known. Besides, there have to be serious characters to be foils for Anakin’s flair for the melodramatic.

Some Fans Think He’s Still Alive

When Anakin chose to put his own needs above the needs of the Jedi Order and the rest of the galaxy, he sealed Master Windu’s fate. Desperate to save his wife, he let Darth Sidious use Force lightning against Master Windu and, after having sliced off his weapon hand, hurl him out of his Senate chambers. Some fans seemed sure he perished, while others held out hope for his return.

There are several upcoming Star Wars projects that could reveal Windu is still alive, particularly those involving Boba Fett, with whom he would have unfinished business. If Master Windu could return, it would be interesting to learn how his perspective has changed since the moment when instead of ending the Sith, Anakin chose to become one.

He Had No Problem Disrespecting Ahsoka Tano

For all of his admirers, Master Windu has detractors for reasons beyond not being able to sense the Sith plot, or being too harsh with Anakin. His treatment of Ahsoka Tano during her time as Anakin’s apprentice made him many enemies in the fandom.

Master Windu continuously expressed suspicion regarding Ahsoka’s relationship with her master as well as her commitment to the Jedi Order, and made his resentment known to her. As Ahsoka has her own fervent fanbase, it’s not surprising that his actions would turn any high regard to high disdain.

If Only He’d Granted Anakin’s Wish

From the moment Master Jinn brought a nine-year-old Anakin before the Jedi Council, Master Windu didn’t want him to be trained in the Jedi arts. Even after Anakin became a Jedi Knight and earned a seat on the council itself, he acted dismissively towards Anakin and his requests.

In a way, Windu was a character who contributed to Anakin’s downfall by not offering him a port of tolerance during a particularly turbulent time in his life. Had Anakin been able to confide in him about his relationship with Padmé, explained about his visions of her death, and admitted why he was seeking the dark side’s power, the Jedi Master could have helped him rather than driven him further into the path of Darth Sidious.

In recent years, there has been a wave of Mace Windu memes showing up in places like r/PrequelMemes and r/starwarsmemes, as well as Twitter and other social media sites. Incidentally, this has also coincided with the franchise actively casting people of color in a variety of lead and supporting roles.

As Disney+ gears up to release several new shows in the next several years, fans think Windu should have his own series, whether directly tied to his life in hiding after Palpatine’s ascent to power, or revealing his backstory as a young Jedi Knight.

He’s Difficult To Argue Against

Where other Jedi were warm and personable, if a little taciturn, there was an actively aggressive component to Master Windu’s stoicism. It was almost as though he made it his mission to beat down the more radical perspectives kept by Master Jinn, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano.

This meme pokes fun at Master Windu’s eventual demise out a window and Anakin’s eventual wounds courtesy of Obi-Wan Kenobi gaining the high ground, but it also points to the fact that Master Windu wouldn’t compromise. He kept the Jedi Order too rigid and myopic, and thus, its fall was almost inevitable.

Fans Want Him To Come Back

Of all the plot twists in the Skywalker saga, the return of Emperor Palpatine “somehow” was considered to be a narrative imperative equivalent to low-hanging fruit. Palpatine seemed shoehorned into the capstone movie when his contribution to the series was not only done, but is presence negated Darth Vader’s redemption arc, whereas Master Windu had more to do.

Jackson has stated publicly that he would welcome a return to the character, which, if he appeared either in his own series or another live-action Star Wars Disney+ series, would be a surprise. But a welcome one.

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