Star Wars: 10 People That Would Have Been Better For Padme Than Anakin

One of the worst things to happen to the Star Wars universe was the love story of Padme and Anakin. Not because they are an inherently bad couple (that’s a debate for another time) but because his general paranoia about loss and them keeping their love hidden only hurt them and turned Anakin to darkness. Considering he turned into Darth Vader, one of the most fearsome and cruel Sith ever to have lived, that’s understandably a bad result. Fans can blame the couple, the Jedi, etc.

But today let’s talk about Padme, the clever diplomat who fell for a much younger Jedi.No matter how alluring Anakin could be, there were other options in her life that could have filled a more healthy role in her life. Here are 10 people who would have been better for Padme than Anakin.

10 Satine Kryze

Padme and Satine worked closely together when it came to helping Mandalore with its diplomatic struggles. While Satine was a strong-willed, determined leader, the discontent on her planet caused chaos in the galaxy.

Both Padme and Satine had similar goals: they wanted to unite the galaxy in a diplomatic manner instead of a forceful one. They match each other in idealogy and personality. They would’ve been a true power couple. And considering they both fell in love with men they should never have, they should just have dated each other instead.

9 Rush Clovis

Despite Rush’s sketchy political decisions, he did seem to truly love Padme. He was a selfish man, but he was willing to sacrifice himself for her.

Perhaps if Padme had stayed close to him, she could’ve had a good influence on the sophisticated diplomat and made him a better person. Instead, he was just a corrupt politician who lost his life doing one, final, surprisingly selfless thing. A loved Clovis probably could’ve done a lot of good for the galaxy, and Padme wouldn’t be in a complicated secret marriage.


8 Bail Organa

Ignoring the fact is married (sorry to his wife), Bail Organa could have been a good match for Padme. They were the same exact kind of person. They wanted peace, but they were willing to fight for the good of their people. There’s a reason they were very close allies in the Senate and (if she hadn’t lost her life) they probably would have spearheaded the Rebellion together.

Anakin was everything Padme wanted but couldn’t have, and Bail was everything Padme needed but didn’t have the sense to want. If only they both weren’t already married (and Padme wasn’t so attracted to making bad personal decisions).

7 Sabe

Who doesn’t love a good best friends to lover story? Sabe was one of the three handmaidens that Padme kept past her royal terms, and while she was fond of all of them, Sabe was her dearest friend and closest confidant.

After Padme’s passing, Sabe was the only one who was convinced there was more to the bizarre circumstances and was dedicated to finding out what really happened to her queen. Anakin couldn’t help himself from personally choking her out while her handmaiden was willing to upend society to know the truth of her final moments. Sabe would’ve been the better choice here.

6 Palo Jemabie

When Padme was a young girl, before she became queen, she had a brief romance with a young boy named Palo. They met in the Legislative Youth Program on Naboo. While the group inspired Padme to pursue politics as her career, Palo decided to quit that and focus on art.

Unfortunately, when the Republic fell, Jemabie was sent to a labor camp and disappeared. And to think, if she just stayed with Jemabie, she would have a handsome artist husband, Anakin Skywalker would’ve been left alone and not turned, and the galaxy would’ve been a better place.

5 Mon Mothma

A key politician in the Senate and in the Bail/Padme Rebel group, Mon Mothma was a beautiful but stern leader of her people. Between that beautiful thing and her dedication to doing the right thing, Mon Mothma could’ve been a great romantic option for Padme. They both believed in similar things, they were working together for the same cause, and, like always, she was not a Jedi hiding a secret marriage with her.

They could have united their people to make a stronger force against the imperial wave. Also, it would’ve been cool to see even more of the somewhat mysterious Rebellion leader after all these years.

4 Jar-Jar Binks

This one is marginally silly, but it has some merit to it. When Jar-Jar became the Gungan representative to the Senate, he and Padme worked closely for the remainder of the Republic’s existence. They became close friends and allies. While there wasn’t much romance between them, she did respect him and he looked to her for advice and leadership.

A friend who respected her and her work would’ve easily been a better romantic partner than Anakin. He tended to downplay her work in the Senate and often disregarded her dedication to Republic. Especially, in favor of his own paranoia and personal issues. Jar-Jar wouldn’t have done that. You have to know you’re really a bad husband when Jar-jar would’ve been a better choice.

3 Mina Bonteri

Padme’s mentor and (somewhat) friend, Mina Bonteri is a sexy, intelligent, persuasive woman. Padme doesn’t seem to find agreeing with someone all the time very hot, though, so Mina would’ve been a good option instead of one of her fellow diplomats.

Mina might’ve made bad choices in supporting the banking clans, but she was still a decent enough person at heart. She just put the interests of her people before that of the Republic.

Considering Padme still thought of her as a friend despite her choices means there’s a lot more to Mina than just shady deals. At the very least, they would’ve been a very interesting pair to watch on screen.

2 Gregar Typho

An old friend, Typho’s fate and family history had been tied with Padme’s long before Anakin ever came into the picture. His parents, the Panaka’s, spearheaded Padme’s security detail when she was queen. And when she became a senator? Typho became a close friend and guard for her in her diplomatic efforts.

He understood her dedication and concern for Naboo, he cared for her deeply, and if she really wanted to itch that warrior attraction of hers, he also was a good fighter. Typho would’ve been a romance much closer to home. Moreover, he probably would’ve been a comfort to Padme, not give her the levels of stress and anguish that Ani did.

1 Obi-Wan

The most obvious answer for Padme, the man who always would’ve been better for her, was Obi-Wan Kenobi himself. Just as much of a rebel as Anakin, he clearly struggled with the Jedi Code himself (see anything with Satine). However, unlike Anakin, Obi-Wan was a stable human who could separate his passion, feelings, and his duty. If there was something about the Jedi that inherently attracted Padme, Obi-Wan was the kind of man to fall for.

After all, he wouldn’t have turned the whole fiasco into a secret marriage with endless lies and resulting paranoia. He just would’ve chosen Padme or the order. And if they were serious, he would’ve chosen her. That’s the proper way to deal with the problem, not the mess that Anakin created.

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