Star Wars Movie Rogue Squadron Removed From Release Schedule

Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Star Wars movie Rogue Squadron officially has lost its 2023 release date. In addition to relaunching the Skywalker Saga and making a new trilogy, Lucasfilm and Disney wanted to expand the types of Star Wars movies being made. This began with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo: A Star Wars Story. While the franchise’s success on Disney+ temporarily put a pause on movies, Lucasfilm made the splashy announcement that Wonder Woman director Jenkins was making a Star Wars film in 2020. It was revealed that Rogue Squadron would follow a group of X-wing pilots.


In the years since Rogue Squadron‘s announcement, the film has become the latest Star Wars movie with a troubled development process. Lucasfilm previously gave audiences a sign of confidence in Jenkins’ movie by giving it a December 2023 release date. However, it was later reported that Jenkins and Lucasfilm were no longer seeing eye-to-eye on the film. Reports began to circulate that Rogue Squadron would be delayed indefinitely, but Disney and Lucasfilm continued to leave the movie on their official release calendar.

Disney has now updated their release slate once again, and Rogue Squadron has been removed. Patty Jenkins’ movie originally had a December 22, 2023 release date. Instead of giving Rogue Squadron a new release date, Lucasfilm and Disney have elected to completely remove it from the release slate. Now, an untitled Star Wars movie in December 2025 becomes the next opportunity for the galaxy far, far away to return to theaters.

The official news that Rogue Squadron will not release in 2023 confirms what most have been expecting for quite some time by now. In the months since reports of the Star Wars movie’s problems, there have been no positive updates on its development. Lucasfilm completely ignored the franchise’s big screen future at Star Wars Celebration 2022 and the D23 Expo. The best update so far came from Kennedy when she indicated that Rogue Squadron will not happen before Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie, which now would appear to be the frontrunner for the December 2025 release date Lucasfilm has.

Of course, Rogue Squadron officially losing its release date only raises more questions about the movie’s fate. Lucasfilm and Disney’s decision not to give it a new release date will create doubt that there is any real plan to make the film. Jenkins is known to be developing Wonder Woman 3, which will now surely be her priority as long as it still fits within Warner Bros. Discovery’s new 10-year DCEU plan. If Jenkins waits to make Rogue Squadron until after Wonder Woman 3, it could be several more years until her Star Wars movie arrives. However, the chances of the movie coming out in 2027 or never begin made probably are not that different based on this update.

Source: Disney

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