Star Wars: Sheev Palpatine’s 10 Best Quotes (Outside Of The Movies)

The Star Wars franchise is filled to the brim with incredible villains, from the genius of Thrawn to the brilliance of Vader to the animated excellence of Maul. The biggest and baddest in the franchise is undoubtedly Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious/the Emperor, a character who can be seen throughout the franchise away from the movies and who consistently delivers memorable quotes.

While most of Palpatine’s best quotes come from the Skywalker saga, his time in The Clone Wars and the extended canon gives way for some sinister, intelligent, and overall brilliant quotes from the iconic villain.


Palpatine Realizing That Bumps In The Road Do Not Affect The Grand Plan

“For Now, We Must Adhere To The Principles Of Our Democracy. We Must Let The Wheels Of The Senate Turn.”

In “Pursuit Of Peace,” Padmé shows her skills as a leader, a diplomat, and a politician when she delivers a speech that earns a lot of acclaim from the Senate and irks Palpatine. At the end of the episode, Palpatine is in his quarters pondering over what to do.

Instead of doing something like getting rid of Padmé or something similar, he chooses to let democracy run its course, having complete faith in his grand scheme. He showcases his genius, his patience, and just how much of a threat he truly was well beyond his power in the Force.

When Palpatine Had The Senate In The Palm Of His Hands

“Long Live The Banks!”

The scale of Palpatine’s manipulation cannot be understated. Not only did he manipulate Anakin and the Jedi Order, but he also orchestrated war and manipulated the Galactic Senate, who played right into his hands.

After granting the soon-to-be Emperor with control of the Galactic banks, Palpatine utters, “Long live the banks,” knowing full well that the Senate is giving him more and more power and doing so with smiles on their faces, believing him to be winning the war for them.

When The Jedi Do Not Suspect A Thing

“One Shudders To Think Where The Galaxy Would Be Without The Jedi.”

The narrative irony of knowing what the characters do not about Palpatine adds so much to so many of his quotes throughout The Clone Wars and the prequel trilogy, including his quip about the Jedi.

Thanking Anakin for his role in rescuing him from Count Dooku, Palpatine comments on the importance of the Jedi; with the audience in the know, he orchestrates everything and abhors the Jedi, patiently waiting for the day he can wipe them from the Galaxy.

Palpatine Telling Vader What, He Does & Does Not Do

“I Do Not Test. I Teach.”

Darth Vader’s comics are consistently excellent and have numerous appearances from Sidious as they dive into their dynamic and the hatred between them. They also have some great Palpatine quotes.

After commenting on Vader’s new lightsaber hilt, Vader accuses Palpatine of making him go through a test, with Sidious then pointing out he does not do such a thing. Everything Palpatine does is meticulous and deliberate, used to further his goals and teach Vader precisely what he wants Vader to know, which is usually feelings of hatred and anger.

When Palpatine Captures Force-Sensitive Children

“There, There Child, Soon You Will Cry No More.”

One of the darkest and most sinister actions from Palpatine throughout The Clone Wars is hiring Cad Bane to kidnap Force-sensitive children and take them to Mustafar for experimentation.

Speaking to the children via hologram, Palpatine sickeningly comforts them with this chilling, villainous Star Wars quote as they cry out, presumably for the parents that they have been taken from and for safety which they were close to never knowing again. It is eerie, creepy, and downright scary.

Palpatine’s Posthumous Message

“Resistance. Rebellion. You Will Burn Away These Ideas.”

In the Battlefront II campaign, fans get to see the scale of Palpatine’s scheme once again, as he instigates Operation Cinder after his death, tasking his most trusted officers to complete it.

As a recording of the Sith Lord talks to Iden Versio, the main protagonist of the game and one of the canon’s best video game characters, he demands in a typically chilling fashion that the ideology of rebellion get wiped from the Galaxy, something fitting for the character.

Palpatine’s Lack Of Patience With Count Dooku

“This Is Not The First Time You Have Proven To Be Clumsy, Lord Tyrannus.”

The relationship between Dooku and Sidious gets explored throughout The Clone Wars, and the way Sidious treats Dooku makes it painfully apparent to all just how much of a pawn the fallen Jedi truly was.

With lines like this, Palpatine shows audiences how much power he holds over his pawns and how much fear/respect they have for him. Not even in the same room as Dooku, Sidious can bring his apprentice to his knees.

When Palpatine Discusses His & Vader’s Superiority

“We Are Surrounded By Lesser Beings Who Deserve Only Our Hate. Our Contempt.”

In the brilliant 2017 Darth Vader comic, when Palpatine senses Vader’s unease at the lack of suitable opponents in the Galaxy, the Emperor points out that he shares such feelings and calls everyone in the Galaxy an inferior being.

It is a message so rotten to the core and so full of disgust that it is perfect for Sidious. Sidious then talks to Vader about using pain, rage, and death as tools, but not to allow himself to become a tool of them. It is a fascinating conversation between the two.

Palpatine Telling Grievous The Only Thing That Matters

“There Is Only One Plan – One Grand Design Which Shall Govern The Universe – Mine.”

Son of Dathomir is a must-read comic run for fans of the prequel era and of The Clone Wars and sees all of the prequel trilogy villains come together. It is full of great quotes, including this from Palpatine.

Uncaring about Maul’s plans or his grand schemes, Sidious sinisterly points out that in the grand machine of the Galaxy, his is the only plan worth anything. His shall allow him to rule the Galaxy, and not Maul nor his plans can possibly impact that.

Palpatine’s Refusal To Hold Back On Maul

“There Is No Mercy.”

The Shadow Conspiracy arc in season 5 of The Clone Wars is one of the show’s best, ending with one of Star Wars‘ most excellent episodes of TV, “The Lawless,” which finishes off with an epic duel between Darth Sidious, Maul, and Savage Opress.

How Sidious handily defeats the brothers and toys with them is jaw-dropping. It is one of the most incredible displays of skill fans get from him. After he kills Savage and tortures Maul, the latter pleads for mercy, and with help from Ian Abercrombie’s legendary delivery, Sidious hits Maul with this chilling line.

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