Star Wars: The 10 Most Influential Planets In The Galaxy

When it comes to the countless galactic conflicts in Star Wars, the battles spread throughout the galaxy and affect nearly everyone. However, there are a few key planets that are centers of conflict and important influence. They are the kind of places that change the tides of wars and can help one side rise or fall.

Some are well-known Star Wars classic planets, that fans have seen over and over. Others, though, are lesser-known gems that can be really influential in every war’s onset.

10 Coruscant

The center for democracy in the galaxy (or the lack thereof), this planet-wide city has always been a seat of government. Between its location on the galactic map (around the top center, according to games like Star Wars: Battlefront 2) and the industriousness of its construction, shifting powers have never mattered. Coruscant is an important planet.

During the Clone Wars, it housed the Galactic  Senate. During the civil war, it was the seat of the Empire.

Sure, maybe Palpatine was biased because Coruscant is his own home-world, but it doesn’t negate the planet’s power.

9 Dathomir

Populated by one of the most force-attuned species in the galaxy, the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers, Dathomir is so much more influential than it seems. At first glance, it’s a swamp-like wasteland filled with Rancors and violence. However, the planet has also churned out the likes of Mother Talzin, Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, and Savage Opress. These people have been major players in the machinations and conflicts of the galaxy.

While they do lean towards the dark sides of the force, they don’t negate their power or their dedication to their people. Ultimately, they are pro-Dathomirian, nothing else. With the right persuasion, they will help the light or dark side.


8 Naboo

Naboo can be deceptively quaint, but many factors turn this pretty planet into one of the most influential spots in the galaxy. For one, it lives on the edge of Republic space, making it an important foothold in the Clone Wars. Moreover, it’s a planet covered in pastures, water, and farmland. During galactic strife, the planet is a major supplier of food. That can change the tide of any conflict, if one army can be fed and the other can’t (the Separatists worked around this, unfortunately).

Also, Naboo is home to two different species: the Naboo and the Gungans. Where the Naboo are great with farming and environmental science, the Gungans have very unique military tactics and tech that easily surprise their enemies. These peoples and their planet can make a big difference to the galaxy.

7 Muunilinst

Home of the leaders of the Banking Clans, the Muun, Muunilinst ergo is a seat of power for the galactic economy and, later, the Separatist movement itself.

However, Muunilinst is also important because, despite the people’s weak force sensitivity, one of the most powerful Siths ever was born there: Darth Plagueis. Darth Plagueis shaped Darth Sidious into the monstrous force he became, as well as greatly expanded the knowledge of dark-side powers.

Muunilinst’s contributions, while controversial, have been great and impressive.

6 Tatooine

No one would normally think Tatooine is a powerful planet. On a base level, it isn’t. Many of its people are poor and used as slave labor or are brutalized by the local Tusken Raiders. That, or swindled by the Jawas.

Despite this, though, Tatooine is a hub for crime and illegal deals. Mos Eisley is full of bounty hunters, smugglers, and other criminals looking to make a quick buck.

With all this unorganized crime happening on Tatooine, there are countless galaxy-influencing deals happening across the planet. And that’s not even mentioning the infamous Jabba The Hutt himself.

5 Bespin

This gaseous planet consists only of cloud cities, but those cities are hubs for commerce and tourism. Whether it’s the more seedy gambling side of things or general relief from the war, Bespin was a fairly neutral hold-out that welcomed Imperials and rebels alike. Unfortunately, though, that meant they held no allegiances when it came to capturing “Imperial fugitives”.

Bespin is no place for heroes, but it does serve an important purpose in the galaxy, letting anyone and everyone trade and travel there. In a galactic civil war, a free spaceport for anyone is priceless.

4 Geonosis

Home of the largest robot manufacturing plants, Geonosis has literally fueled the ranks of an entire army. Its people may look like insects, but they are much more than that. They are industrious, despite their appearance. Moreover, their home is a mineral-rich wasteland where manufacturing is prime.

No wonder the Banking Clans jumped on them the second they needed support.

In the Clone Wars, Geonosis was also the site of a huge battle between the Republic and the Separatists. Whether is was battle droids or battle tactics, Geonosis is key.

3 Alderaan

Before Alderaan met its tragic end, it was a galactic hub of art, culture, and freedom. Even when the Republic fell to the Empire, Alderaan kept its integrity and ran itself like the old government.

It was also heavily implied that it was a planet-wide safe space for Rebels.

When the planet was destroyed, the Rebels didn’t just lose a powerful foothold. They lost a great leader in Bail Organa, they lost centuries (or more) of history, and countless art pieces, statues, artists themselves that celebrated and represented a freer galaxy.

2 Mygeeto

Mygeeto, at a glance, doesn’t look like much. However, the planet is overwhelmingly filled with precious crystals used for power sources and Jedi lightsabers. There’s a reason the poor, underdeveloped lemur species that inhabited the planet were subjugated years ago. The second more advanced species realized the planet’s value, it was up for grabs.

For whoever occupies the planet, it can be a vital resource in their wars or their energy efforts on other populated planets.

Home of the longest battle in the Clone Wars, Mygeeto has always been a valuable resource of a planet that people are willing to lose their lives for.

1 Kamino

It’s not hard to guess why this is a valuable planet. Home of the genetic clone masters themselves, Kamino became a necessary part of the Republic’s war efforts and, later, Darth Sidious’ complete control.

The ability to grow an entire army’s worth of soldiers from the DNA of one, athletically built man is absurd and insanely powerful. It’s a miracle that these master geneticists stayed under the radar for so long.

But after The Clone Wars, its no doubt that these people (and their abilities) are one of the most influential planets in the galaxy. If only The Empire hadn’t forcefully shut them down.

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