Stranger Of Paradise: FF Origin DLC May Add FFV Villain As A Boss

Square Enix has revealed the titles for Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s DLC, and one of them suggests Final Fantasy V villain Gilgamesh will be an optional boss. The Final Fantasy series is full of recurring characters, but most of them are different versions of the same concept. Gilgamesh is unique, as he’s meant to be the same character in almost every appearance.

Gilgamesh debuted as a villain in FFV, yet he sacrifices himself to save the life of his rival, Bartz. When Bartz and his allies find themselves unable to defeat the undead Necrophobe, Gilgamesh shows up and drags Necrophobe into the Interdimensional Rift, seemingly killing them both. He has showed up in several Final Fantasy games since, appearing to travel the multiverse while gathering powerful blades (and apparently also taking some time to have fun, judging from his appearance as a playable racer in Chocobo GP). Gilgamesh’s goal seems to be returning to the world of FFV in order to face Bartz one more time. The two did meet again in Dissidia 012, but Bartz had his memories wiped, so he had no idea he was facing his old rival.


At the Tokyo Game Show 2021, Square Enix revealed the release date for Final Fantasy Origin, alongside the launch of a new demo. A press release included additional news about Stranger of Paradise’s DLC season pass. It will add three missions: Trials of the Dragon King, Wanderer of the Rift and DIFFERENT FUTURE.

Stranger Of Paradise’s Wanderer Of The Rift DLC Likely Involves Gilgamesh

In most of his Final Fantasy cameos, Gilgamesh has been optional boss. He also appeared as a secret boss in the Dawn of Souls version of the original Final Fantasy; since Stranger of Paradise is a sort of remake of FF1, this technically makes him already part of the world of Final Fantasy Origin. Gilgamesh has often been described as someone who was sent through the Rift, so the Wanderer of the Rift DLC’s name fits him perfectly. He has even been a DLC boss, specifically, in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The fact that Final Fantasy Origin is an action RPG also makes Gilgamesh is a great fit. He is known for transforming into an eight-armed being, bringing an entire arsenal of weapons to bear against the player. The protagonist of Stranger of Paradise might be obsessed with fighting Chaos, but Final Fantasy V’s Gilgamesh will likely be the more fearsome foe.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on March 18, 2022.

Source: Square Enix

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