Stranger Things: 5 Reasons Why Billy Should Return In Season 4 (& 5 Why He Should Stay Dead)

Billy Hargrove was first introduced in Season 2 of Netflix’s popular sci-fi show, Stranger Things. The hair metal-loving Californian moves to Hawkins with his family, including new Party member Max. Billy soon becomes the new King of Hawkins High, cementing his status as the town’s new bully.

Billy does several awful things throughout the show, even before he is possessed by the Mind Flayer in Season 3. He eventually redeems himself by standing up to the evil entity and sacrificing himself to protect Eleven. There is a multitude of reasons why Billy should return for Stranger Things Season 4, and also why his arc is over.

10 Return: A Real Redemption Arc Is Needed

Billy arrives in Hawkins in Stranger Things Season 2 and immediately establishes himself as the new alpha male in town. Viewers witness his almost psychopathic behavior escalate throughout the season, culminating with a vicious assault on Steve that could have had fatal consequences if not for Max’s intervention.

Billy sacrificed his life to save El in Season 3, and dies standing up to the Mind Flayer. One good act doesn’t wash away his years of bullying, however. If Billy returned then we could see him undergo a real redemption arc.

9 Stay Dead: Almost Ran Over The Party

Billy exhibits his violent tendencies early in Season 2. He berates his stepsister Max whilst driving them home from school, blaming her for their move to Hawkins. When they see Lucas, Mike, Dustin, and Will riding their bikes along the road, Billy drives dangerously fast to scare his stepsister, and would have hit them with his car if she hadn’t intervened.

Billy’s behavior in Season 2 surpasses stereotypical high school bully standards. He could have killed four innocent children, and showed no remorse for his recklessness.


8 Why Return: Dacre Montgomery’s Acting Abilities

Dacre Montgomery perfectly captured Billy Hargrove’s character. The Australian actor excelled in the role and gave substance to a relatively unlikable character. It would be great to see him reprise his role for Season 4.

Montgomery shone in Season 3 while playing a possessed Billy. His potential is still largely untapped, and a return for his character could see him steal the show in a future season.

7 Stay Dead: Almost Beat Steve To Death

Billy takes an immediate dislike to former jock Steve Harrington when he arrives in Hawkins, which some fans have interpreted as subtle sexual tension. Billy first confronts Steve at a Halloween party before usurping his position on the basketball team. The two have a confrontation at the end of Season 2 that almost has tragic consequences for Steve.

Billy finds Max at the Byers’ house and attacks Lucas before he is stopped by Steve. Billy beats Steve viciously, showing no signs of relenting until Max injects him with a sedative. If not for Max, then it is likely that Billy would have killed Steve in that moment.

6 Why Return: A New Member For The Party

Billy was generally an antagonistic character during Stranger Things, though the character garnered some support after his abusive background was explored. Some fans of the show would love to see Billy return in the upcoming season, and Steve, Robin, Nancy, and Johnathan could use another Party member their age.

Billy’s addition to the Party wouldn’t be without struggle due to his past actions. However, it would be interesting to see him seek redemption while helping the Hawkins gang fight monsters from the Upside Down.

5 Stay Dead: Billy Bullied Max For Years

Max and Billy are introduced in Season 2, and we immediately learn that the new King of Hawkins High is a merciless bully. Billy torments his stepsister throughout the season, including trying to keep her away from Lucas and blaming her for their move from California.

Max eventually stands up to Billy after he savagely beats up Steve. After injecting him with a sedative, she threatens him with Steve’s iconic nail bat, warning him to stay away from her friends.

4 Why Return: Max Missed Her Brother

Max’s relationship with her Billy was complicated. Despite Billy’s abusiveness, Max is heartbroken when he is possessed by the Mind Flayer, and devastated by his death in the season finale.

Max is shown grieving for her stepbrother after his death as she sits alone in his bedroom. Although Billy bullied her, Max understood why, and there was a part of her that loved him. It would be great for Max to reunite with her stepbrother and heal the wounds of the past.

3 Stay Dead: He’s A Danger To The People Around Him

Billy proved throughout Seasons 2 and 3 that even when he isn’t possessed by an evil shadow entity from an alternate dimension, he is a danger to the people around him. He makes disparaging remarks about the girls at school and bullies those he thinks are weaker than him.

Billy’s abusive background is further explored in Season 3. Viewers learn that his mother left him with his violent father, which motivated his bullying behavior. Billy is sympathetic, but his actions throughout the show still prove that he can be a threat to innocent people.

2 Why Return: The Next Big Villain

If Billy’s character were to somehow return in Season 4, despite having been killed by the Mind Flayer, then there is nothing to suggest he couldn’t reprise his earlier antagonistic role. Billy had a brief redemption arc when he sacrificed himself for El, but a brush with death could refuel his hateful ways.

Billy was a great antagonist who brought a different dynamic to the show. His confrontation with El in Season 3 was a powerful scene that could be revisited in the future.

1 Stay Dead: There’s No Need To Undo His Heroic Sacrifice

Billy is possessed by the Mind Flayer throughout Season 3, and forced to become his thrall. However, the former lifeguard has a moment of redemption when he bravely stands up to the Shadow Monster and sacrifices his life to protect Eleven.

Billy’s last stand against the Mind Flayer was a heroic moment for this villainous character. Returning in Season 4 could undo this pivotal moment and cheapen his sacrifice. Many fans would be thrilled to see Billy Hargrove return in Season 4, though there are those who would also be satisfied if he stayed dead.

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