Stranger Things & Deadpool 3 Crossover Could Happen, Says Director

The director of Stranger Thingsand Deadpool 3won’t rule out a crossover in the franchises’ futures. Netflix’s sci-fi behemoth Stranger Things released season 4 earlier this year. The series is primarily directed by creators the Duffer brothers, with Shawn Levy also directing many of the show’s episodes. With the series renewed for season 5, Levy and the Duffers are signed on for one last ride with the Hawkins crew.

In March this year, it was announced that Levy is set to direct Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3. Coming after the previous two Ryan Reynolds-led installments, the third Deadpool film will be the first of its franchise to be an official part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With plenty of questions around how Deadpool will be integrated into the MCU, Levy will have plenty on his plate handling the intricacies that come with handling a shared universe.


In an interview with Variety, Levy discusses his two big projects and teases a surprising crossover between the two properties. Though such an event may be unlikely, it’s interesting to hear that the director believes it may be in the cards. See his full quote below:

Funnily enough, Ryan [Reynolds] and I were trying to figure out how in the world could we do a ‘Deadpool’-‘Stranger Things’ crossover. We haven’t cracked it yet, but it’s on the table.

Based on Levy’s comments, he’s taking a lighthearted approach to his direction of Stranger Thingsand Deadpool, which fits the tone of both projects. Perhaps a crossover could come in the form of a small cameo – Deadpool in the Upside-Down, or Eleven included in a group shot of mutants in a post-credits scene. Of course, any of the Stranger Things characters showing up in Deadpool would immediately open a can of worms, implying the existence of those characters in the larger MCU. As such, it would likely be easier to incorporate Deadpool into the final season of Stranger Things, if Levy and Reynolds do end up figuring out how to do so.

In this era of multiversal madness and crossovers that the MCU and the film and television industry at large are entering, the possibility of a Deadpool and Stranger Things crossover isn’t as unusual a prospect now as it may have been in the past. Given that Stranger Things is coming to an end, perhaps a spinoff will keep the series – and whatever Deadpool connections it may end up having – alive. Whether those universes do end up merging or not, fans won’t have to wait much longer to see beloved antihero Deadpool in the MCU in Deadpool 3.

Source: Variety

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