Superman Exposed Batman’s Identity in the Most Petty Way Possible

Batman and Superman have one of the greatest partnerships in comics history, but this didn’t stop Superman from revealing Batman’s identity in the pettiest way possible. Batman and Superman might be friends more often than enemies, but the times they have gone up against each other have never ended well for either hero.

While Batman and Superman have had their differences, they don’t usually become anything more than an argument about ideals. Sometimes, however, an argument isn’t enough, sometimes it has to come to blows and this is exactly what happened in the Injustice universe. When the Joker kills Lois Lane and causes the destruction of Metropolis, Superman responds by ripping the Joker’s heart out of his chest, for many this was an understandable reaction, for Batman this was the worst thing that could’ve happened. Superman set out on a quest to end all crime and war on earth, no matter the cost. Seeing this, Batman became terrified Clark was going to take over the planet and tried to stop him, which Superman did not appreciate.


In Injustice #28 by Tom Taylor and Tom Derenick, Superman has become fed up with Batman constantly interfering with his attempts to save the world, so he calls a press conference to reveal Batman’s identity. Seeing this, Batman uses the Icarus Protocol, which brings the Justice League Watch Tower down from the sky, since Batman has plans to beat the Justice League, this was apparently his plan to stop an unwanted press conference. Superman then responds by simply…tweeting out Batman’s identity from his Twitter account. While this is a rather hilarious solution, it does achieve the desired effect of removing Batman’s ability to hide in the shadows.

This wouldn’t be the first time Superman revealed Batman’s identity in the Injustice universe. He did the same during a magically induced dream, where he dreamed that he revealed Batman’s identity in front of the Joker. The Injustice Superman just seemed to really like the idea of revealing Batman’s secrets, and considering how dark Injustice Superman was, the fact he killed Oliver Queen, almost the entire Green Lantern Corps, and many others, makes it all the more hilarious that this dark version of Superman’s answer to revealing Batman’s identity was to just use a Twitter account.

Superman and Batman have come to blows many times in the comics, they are the two most popular comic book characters on earth, so of course they must fight at times. Typically, Batman’s greatest weapon against Superman is Kryptonite, but in the Injustice universe, it seems Superman’s greatest weapon against Batman was Twitter.

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