Superman’s Greatest Looks Ever Collide In Stunning New DC Art

Warning! Spoilers for Action Comics #1050 by DC Comics

In new DC Comics art, Superman’s greatest looks and costumes that the hero has worn over the years take center stage in a jam-packed cover. In a new incentive ratio variant cover from Mike Allred for the upcoming Action Comics #1050, the Man of Steel’s storied history gets condensed into a single image, as many of his key moments and costumes are displayed in the incredible artwork. The piece also homages the greatest styles of iconic Superman artists.


Earlier this month, DC Comics revealed the next chapter for Superman as his new age begins with the oversized Action Comics #1050. The new comic will feature several talented creators, including Tom Taylor, Mike Perkins, Joshua Williamson, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nick Dragotta, and more, who will set up upcoming stories for Superman. Action Comics #1050 will see Superman face off against Lex Luthor, as the villain will steal something from the hero that “will change the very planet itself!” In addition, DC revealed more than 20 variant covers for the issue, including a new variant from artist Mike Allred that shows off Superman’s best costumes.

In the recent announcement for Action Comics #1050 from DC Comics, they revealed a brand-new cover from legendary artist Mike Allred (Madman), showcasing the most incredible looks and costumes Superman has worn since debuting in the comics more than 80 years ago. The 1:250 variant cover features many versions of the Man of Steel that readers will recognize as Allred provides many takes on the styles of other iconic Superman artists, with numerous homages throughout the artwork.

Action Comics Mike Allred Variant Superman

The Superman homages in the Action Comics incentive variant cover from Mike Allred are considerable. The piece homages to other artists’ versions of the hero, including Frank Miller, Alex Ross, Joe Schuster, Jack Kirby, Bruce Timm, Matt Wagner, Brian Bolland, Stuart Immonen, Rafael Grampa, and Moebius. While it’s just a single cover, the art had to be an incredible undertaking by Allred, who brought Superman’s many costumes and styles together in the jaw-dropping piece.

The DC Comics artwork from Mike Allred is incredible, as it beautifully captures Superman’s history while bringing his most notable styles and costumes together. The only downside to the cover has nothing to do with the art, as it won’t be easily available, as stores will need to order 250 copies of Action Comics #1050 to get a single copy of the issue – meaning it won’t come cheap for readers. The Superman-starring 1:250 variant for Action Comics #1050 by Mike Allred arrives in comic book stores on December 27, 2022.

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