Supernatural: 10 Villains With Absurd Weaknesses

With Vampire Academy coming to Peacock and His Dark Materials set to release its final season in a few months, fans of the supernatural genre will be thrilled to know that they will have a lot more show to binge-watch in the next couple of weeks. However, there is one prequel that everyone has been looking forward to most – The Winchesters (which is set to premiere on October 11th, 2022).

Given the legacy that it’s predecessor, Supernatural, has, it has much to live up to. However, one thing that the viewers would like the writers to improve on is how easy it was to defeat the villains. Whether it is through clichés or stereotypes, these villains had such absurd weaknesses that it made several storylines a bit predictable and boring. Hopefully, the writers will rely on them less when the new show begins.



Once upon a time, demons were the most fearsome thing in Supernatural. When the brothers were tackling ghosts and B-Level monsters on the regular, they were intimidated at the idea of even going up against a demon.

In earlier seasons, Sam and Dean had to perform an exorcism to get rid of demons. However, in later seasons, the demons are barely a threat, and they’re easily able to kill them with a demon or angel blade. While there are a lot of things fans love about Supernatural, the show had a tendency to minimize threats that were once intimidating.


While there were a lot of characters Supernatural just forgot about following their deaths, Rowena was brought back into the show even after her death. She was the most powerful witch in the series and causes as much trouble for the brothers as she did help them.

However, despite her powers, her one weakness was her son Fergus (aka Crowley, the King of Hell). Although Rowena didn’t treat him the best, she did eventually admit that she cared for Fergus and had only hated him because she viewed “love” as a weakness. In context of the storyline, it did make a bit of sense (although some couldn’t help but feel that it was a bit random given that she plotted to have him killed herself).


After the demise of the horseman Death, Billie took over his position. She went from a dedicated reaper to a badass boss character, taking on the responsibilities that led to her being an enemy of the Winchesters who had evaded death one too many times.

When Dean and Castiel attempt to kill Billie after they’ve already wounded her, she reveals she’ll die anyway because they injured her with her scythe (which is the only weapon that can kill her). Although this does seem to make sense in the grand scheme of things, it feels a bit lackluster for the show to give Death reincarnate such a convenient weakness.

Michael (Alternate Dimension)

Michael appeared in both the Winchester’s reality and an alternate reality war-torn. Although they won the fight against their Michael, the one from the other dimension comes back, attempting to take over the world with grace-enhanced monsters.

Michael is one of the most difficult villains they face. However, when Dean fights back after Michael possesses his body, he becomes trapped in Dean’s subconscious. It seemed to work well to get Dean out of the situation he was in, it seemed too easy considering multiple characters had been possessed by angels without this option ever coming to light.


Death was one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Although the human form of the horseman never appeared as much of a threat, his actual powers were wreaking havoc over the world after Lucifer releases him and pestilence.

While there are a couple of things Death can’t do, like to remove the Mark of Cain, there doesn’t appear to be much weakness within the villain. However, Dean turns the scythe on Death himself when the horseman tells him to kill his brother. This is the first time Death is seen being killed by its own blade. While it was more impressive the first time around, it still appeared too easy of a way to get out of the situation.


The demon Azazel is one of the most powerful throughout the whole series. He’s responsible for Mary Winchester’s death, John Winchester’s turning into a hunter, and Sam being marked with demon blood as an infant.

After a fierce fight between the Winchester brothers, Azazel is killed by Sam using the demon-killing colt. However, this wasn’t Azazel’s weakness. His biggest weakness was the children, like Sam, who he created with devious purposes. He was so obsessed with his plans that he let his taunting of the brothers let his guard down, resulting in his demise.


The archangels were supposed to be the first angels, more powerful than the other angels God created. However, these super angels prove to be far less powerful than they gloat about.

Although these angels appeared to have more power than the average celestial, their weaknesses were similar to their lesser counterparts. They could be banished by multiple angels banishing sigils, and they could be weakened by angel blades, fiery holy water rings, and losing their grace. The archangels were more of a threat than others but proved to be easier to wound or disable than would be expected.


The Leviathan was one of the most powerful monsters the Winchesters had to face. They had enhanced strength, were able to possess others, shapeshift, angelic power negation, and proved to be hard to kill.

They did have a few weaknesses, such as an over-reliance on their hierarchy and witchcraft that could weaken them. However, these monsters had one of the most ridiculous weaknesses. They learned after some time of facing off with the Leviathan that they could be harmed by the chemical Borax. For creatures that could only be killed by God of Death themselves, this seemed a bit far-fetched.


Supernatural is one of the saddest TV shows, especially when it came to the Winchesters and friends battling Lucifer themselves. In the end, the archangel was only able to be killed by the archangel Michael, possessing Dean’s body.

As the most powerful archangel, Lucifer had dozens of powers that made him nearly impossible to kill but only trap for a time until he found a way to get free (or be freed). However, his biggest weakness in the show is the weak vessels in which he inhabits. While this was the reason why he wanted to get into Sam’s body so badly, it did make his eventual exit seem inevitable.


Amara was the most powerful villain in the series, equal only to God himself. Amara, or “The Darkness,” is the sister of the Almighty and he was the only being able to stop her reign of terror, taking her away from his world.

It’s explained that Amara and God (or Chuck) were the balancing powers of the universe, causing an imbalance if one of them were to die. This is why it seems a bit ridiculous that God is the one to end her in order to end the world. If The Darkness killing God would result in the destruction of the entire universe, it would make sense that her death would have the same effect, making it hard for God to create a new world.

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