Take A Good Look At The Meta Quest Pro Headset, Thanks To A Leaked Video

A leaked video has seemingly revealed the upcoming Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset in full. Long rumored by its codename ‘Project Cambria,’ Meta’s next VR headset is expected to be unveiled at the company’s ‘Meta Connect 2022’ event on Oct. 11. Talking to Joe Rogan on his podcast last month, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg even confirmed that the device would be announced in October. This means VR enthusiasts won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the new headset.


In recent years, Meta has been focusing much of its energy on VR and the metaverse, even as social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram remain its bread and butter. The company even changed its name from Facebook to Meta last year to further emphasize its growing bullishness on the virtual world. Its next-gen VR headset is expected to add more momentum to its metaverse dreams, although its exact details remain a mystery. The device was initially announced at Facebook Connect 2021 before a massive leak earlier this year seemingly revealed its design in all its glory.

In a video originally posted on Facebook by Zectariuz Gaming, a person seems to show off a black VR headset with what looks like three cameras on the front. The overall look of the device is very similar to leaked renders of the Project Cambria headset, as well as the teasers posted by Meta. The video also shows off a couple of new controllers that look very different from the current looped controllers for the Meta Quest 2.

Meta’s Quest Pro Headset Leaked In Full

The packaging in the video clearly shows off the ‘Meta Quest Pro’ branding along with the Meta logo. The accompanying literature also has a sticker that says ‘NOT FOR RESALE — ENGINEERING SAMPLE.’ According to The Verge, the person who posted the video is Ramiro Cardenas, who claimed that it was left behind in a hotel room, allowing him to film it. However, he also said that the device has since been reclaimed by the person who left it behind.

The Project Cambria headset has been in the works for a very long time, and the company has also been teasing it for the better part of one year. Having offered a fleeting glimpse of it at its Facebook Connect event last year, Zuckerberg recently teased the device on Facebook, posting an image of himself wearing it while enjoying a VR experience. According to rumors, the device will come with eye-tracking, facial recognition, and color passthrough. It could also ship with a higher-resolution screen than the Meta Quest 2.

Source: Zectariuz Gaming/Facebook, The Verge

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