Thanos is Finally Stronger Than Hulk in Comics, Not Just The MCU

Warning! Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #4 by Marvel Comics

Thanks to a magical power upgrade, Thanos has finally become stronger than the Hulk, as the Mad Titan battles with the Jade Giant like never before. In a new preview for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #4 by Marvel Comics, Thanos takes on a new monstrous form as a result of the magical artifact, the Eye of the Kraken. When Hulk tries to stop his opponent and his considerable power upgrade, he finds that using his strength to do is a bigger challenge than ever before.


In the comics, the Hulk is often portrayed as the strongest hero in the Marvel Universe. The Jade Giant’s rage makes him capable of incredible feats of strength, as Hulk’s anger powers him in incredible and dangerous ways. However, the Hulk met his match in Thanos during Avengers: Infinity War in the MCU, as the Mad Titan (with the Infinity Stones), ended up overpowering the hero, nearly killing him before Heimdall sent him to Earth so that he could warn the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes about the coming threat. Typically, in the pages of Marvel Comics, Hulk is stronger than Thanos. But, in a new story, the villain’s magical upgrade causes the Hulk major problems.

In a brand-new preview for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #4 by Christos Gage, Paco Diaz, Protobunker’s Fer Sifuentes-Sujo, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, the Hulk battles a new monstrous version of the Mad Titan. Thanos gained an incredible power upgrade and form after Doctor Doom transformed him into a monster with the magical artifact, the Eye of the Kraken, unleashing the villain like readers have never seen him before. The Hulk, who received his own monster-powered upgrade courtesy of the other Eye of the Kraken from Doctor Strange, fights Thanos in Latveria, with his opponent admitting that thanks to the magical item, he is the Jade Giant’s equal when it comes to strength.

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Due to Thanos’ power upgrade, he’s actually stronger than the Hulk, as, unlike his opponent, he can seemingly control his rage. The preview ends with Hulk being warned that if he loses control again as he did earlier in the series, the Eye of the Kraken will take him over. Check out the synopsis for the issue, which teases the monsterized versions of the villains the Avengers will have to face.

As if monsterized versions of Venom, Green Goblin and Loki weren’t enough, Dr. Doom unleashes his latest monstrous creation upon the armored Avengers! It’s a no holds barred battle in Latveria—and by the end of this issue, only one will be left standing! But who will it be?!

With Thanos getting stronger due to his magical upgrade, he now rivals the Hulk’s incredible powers, which is terrible news for both the Jade Giant and the Avengers. If Thanos doesn’t become corrupted by the Eye of the Kraken, the Hulk is likely taking on the most powerful version of the character he’s ever faced, whose impressively in control of his actions. Can the Hulk beat Thanos when he’s on the same power level? Readers will find out more when Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #4 by Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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