The 10 Most Exciting Announcements/Reveals From D23, According To Reddit

So many studios, including Marvel Studios, LucasFilm, and Pixar, all belong to Disney, and every one of them gave presentations at this year’s D23. The event was hugely anticipated, especially coming off the heels of San Diego Comic-Con, which was full of amazing surprises from Marvel.

However, D23 seems to have gone down like a LED balloon, revealing nothing too exciting across every studio showcase, and it has led to a ton of disappointment among Marvel and Star Wars fans. Between the lack of a vampire killer, not a single Star Wars movie reveal, and the bittersweet Pixar sequel news, the reaction wasn’t what Disney expected.


Thunderbolts Line-Up

One of the big movie announcements at Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con panel was Thunderbolts, and though it was long-rumored, it was still exciting nevertheless. The movie is about a group of anti-heroes, and as the superteam has changed with each comic book iteration, fans were impatiently waiting to hear about the film’s line-up. The cast and characters were revealed at D23, and it, unfortunately, wasn’t received as well as expected.

DuckMasterABC notes, “Other than Ghost, all the members are either super soldiers or spies. Where is the variety?” The Redditor even compares it negatively to the critically slammed Suicide Squad, but just because the characters have the same skillset doesn’t mean they make a bad team. It’s the characters’ personalities and portrayals that make them interesting, not their powers. But having said that, other characters could join Thunderbolts if there are possibilities of an expansion.

No Casting News For Ahsoka

Inkovertt was disappointed by the lack of Ahsoka news, positing, “The Ahsoka panel’s over, I guess Eman isn’t going to be announced after all and no more casting news. Disappointed but not surprised” The Redditor is referring to Eman Esfandi, who was rumored to play fan-favorite Rebels character Ezra Bridger in the live-action Disney+ series.

However, the Redditor might have missed it, but Esfandi has been officially cast as that very character. But, unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes when it comes to news on Ahsoka, which is one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars releases. When it comes to Star Wars series, very little was revealed except for a couple of animated shows and a new Andor trailer, a lot of which was footage from previous teasers.

No F4 Or Blade Updates

It’s almost reached a boiling point when it comes to MCU fans waiting for the Fantastic 4 casting announcement, and it might become the biggest casting announcement in cinema history, as it still didn’t arrive at D23. Creedysleep was the most disappointed by the lack of Fantastic 4 reveals, and they also note their disappointment in the lack of Blade for good measure.

The Redditor argues, “That movie is supposed to start filming in early October and they didn’t even announce some of the new cast members or even the villain.” While everyone is talking about Fantastic 4, that movie is still over two years away, whereas Blade’s November 2023 release date is much closer. And though some fans have unpopular opinions about Blade, it comes as a surprise that they haven’t heard a single thing about the vampire film.

Pete Doctor Isn’t Returning To Direct Inside Out 2

One of the most unexpected surprises wasn’t from LucasFilm or Marvel Studios, but Pixar. The beloved animation studio revealed a huge slate, and the crown jewel of the confirmations was Inside Out 2. If any Pixar movie is best suited for a sequel it’s Inside Out, one of the very best Pixar movies.

However, SmokeProfessional919 points out why the announcement is bittersweet, and it leans more toward bitter than sweet. The Redditor explains, “Not optimistic. If Pete Docter wrote and directed, I’d be excited.” Docter is the brains behind many Pixar releases including the 2015 movie, but he has absolutely nothing to do with the sequel. Instead, Kelsey Mann is attached as director, and Meg LaFauve wrote the screenplay.

No Ant-Man 3 Trailer

If anything was an almost certainty at D23, it was an Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania trailer. It’s the next movie after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and fans already saw a lot of footage at San Diego Comic-Con, so it’d make sense to show it at D23 and even release it to the world.

But that shockingly didn’t happen, and FlingaNFZ is the most disappointed. The Redditor comments, “Oh man, I’ve been thinking about this event for so long. What a massive disappointment. Was hoping for a BP2 and Ant-Man 3 trailer at least.” As the threequel is just a few short months away from release, the trailer has to drop soon.

The Lack Of Video Games

Along with Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars movies and Disney+ series, D23 also showcases video games in the works, but that presentation was just as underwhelming as the rest. While some want an open-world Black Widow game similar to Just Cause, even if fans managed their expectations, Dontjimthecamera and many others still found it disappointing.

The Redditor notes, “This showcase felt like the equivalent of me writing a college essay the night before it was due.” And it’s more than fair that fans should expect more than a Tron puzzle-based visual novel. However, an untitled Captain America and Black Panther game was announced which was the saving grace of the presentation.

Kevin Feige Didn’t Fill In The Phase 6 Gaps

The exorbitant D23 disappointments might stem from the fact that Kevin Feige revealed so much at Comic-Con and teased so many more surprises with strategic gaps in the Phase 6 timeline. Many speculated that the remaining unannounced Phase 6 releases would be revealed at the event, but that was far from what unfolded.

Thebooknerd explains, “I’m just disappointed they didn’t announce the missing projects from the SDCC phase 6 timeline.” The Marvel Studios presentation revealed absolutely no new information about Phase 6, except confirming the Fantastic 4 director Matt Shakman, which had already been known for weeks.

No Star Wars Movies

PenguinLord13 vents their frustration with Star Wars on Reddit, as there wasn’t a single movie announced. The user explains, “Love Star Wars. But right now they seem to have no idea what to do with the films and they aren’t providing any real updates on the shows so this is just kinda disappointing.”

The Redditor has a point, as the movies are seemingly on the back burner, and the franchise is being stripped for parts, leading to mostly underwhelming Disney+ series. What makes the lack of news frustrating is that so many Star Wars movies in development have been talked about in the past. A Taika Waititi Star Wars movie, a Kevin Feige Star Wars movie, Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron, and Rian Johnson’s very own trilogy are all in limbo as far as fans know.

No Eternals News

Though Eternals was critically slammed and is the only Rotten-rated MCU movie, it still has an enormous amount of fans who eagerly anticipate a sequel announcement or at least an Eros spin-off. Skepticones is one of those fans, noting, “We still don’t have any news on when we’ll see the Eternals crossing over more with the mainstream MCU.”

The lack of Eternals 2 news at San Diego Comic-Con was disappointing, and not one mention of the superhero team at D23 is even more of a letdown. But given the film’s underwhelming reception, it’s unlikely that the studio would focus on its sequel when Phase 4 is currently being criticized for its inconsistent quality.

The Henry Cavill Rumor Wasn’t True

Henry Cavill’s place in the superhero landscape is currently unknown, as it isn’t clear if his portrayal of Superman will return to the DCEU, and MCU fans are pasting him into all sorts of fan art. While MCU and DCEU fans have never completely seen eye to eye, Marvel audiences want nothing more than to see him in one of the movies.

Pupniko mentions, “My only disappointment is that the Henry Cavill rumors were not true.” The Redditor is referring to the “inside information” that the Man of Steel actor will be joining the MCU. The most recent is that, according to Den of Geek, Cavill is set to play Doctor Doom, but fans will probably have to wait until Phase 4 before that happens.

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