The Bachelor: Liz Sandoz & Husband Vito Presta Welcome Second Child

The merry times are unending for The Bachelor alum Liz Sandoz and her husband Vito Presta as the happy couple welcomed their second child on Wednesday, March 2. Liz and Vito got married in February 2019 in Montana, and while the two are now basking in their lives as parents, having a child wasn’t always easy. After marrying the concrete contractor, Liz suffered a miscarriage before giving birth to her daughter Jovie in 2020. At the time of her miscarriage, the reality star noted in a December 2019 podcast that although she felt at peace with her situation, the miscarriage was a letdown.

However, Liz’s “chemical pregnancy,” as she described it, didn’t stop the couple from wanting to be parents, as her husband noted that they would keep trying. Thankfully, shortly after the unfortunate event, Liz and Vito gave birth to Jovie, who spent one week in the NICU. After Jovie’s birth, Liz opened up about her struggles with the infant and how strong the newborn was. The Miraculous Mamas star explained via social media that her baby was a strong fighter and had wowed the doctors with her strength. Months after Jovie’s time in NICU, she got stronger, and her mom was ready for a second baby.


That second baby has now arrived after Liz gave birth to Toula Vita Presta at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Toula arrived weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces. The happy mom told Us Weekly that her delivery was perfect, and it was all she hoped it would be. Although childbirth was the hardest thing she has done, Liz says she is thankful for the experience. The second-time mom added that she is “feeling great” and “trying to really rest and take advantage that we have family to help so I can fully recover.” On her postpartum process, Liz explained that she is happy to be enjoying the essential time, which is meant to rest and bond with her baby.

Liz had been preparing for her second baby’s arrival. She announced her pregnancy in September 2021 via social media. The reality television star posted a photo with Vito, their dog, and their daughter, Jovie, and a caption that read, “Baby Presta coming March 2022!!” Liz revealed in her post that she was glad to share the news of her expanding family with viewers adding that “It’s been a wild ride the last 6 months and we are now almost halfway through this pregnancy! We are excited, nervous, and have no idea what to do with two under 2.”

The 35-year-old The Bachelor alum is finally enjoying her life as a parent and seems ready to share all her experiences with the world. Liz has been through a lot when it comes to having a child. Having a miscarriage and watching her infant receive treatment in NICU was a tumultuous time in the reality star’s life. However, Liz now has blissful motherhood memories with Jovie’s improved health and Toula’s safe delivery. Hopefully, Liz will recover and get back to her feet after her second delivery while her newborn child remains strong and healthy.

Source: Us Weekly

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