The Challenge: What To Know About Four-Time Champion Darrell Taylor

MTV’s The Challenge veteran, Darrell Taylor, is returning once again for a shot at the one million dollar prize. After missing from action over five seasons, the four-time winner is returning to the thirty-sixth season in The Challenge: Double Agents. After losing within the very first episode of the fifth season he competed in, Dirty 30, Darrell Taylor has made it clear he has something to prove this season.

Double Agents takes place in the rugged and cold landscape of Iceland and aptly nicknamed so. Competitors are more ready than ever to lie and play dirty in order to reach the grand prize. Darrell Taylor, especially, has a lot of stakes riding on this comeback season, but plenty of fans are rooting for him to win. Of course, the odds may be stacked against him with 29 other agents and only 10 skulls. However, when it comes to Darrell Taylor, there’s more to him than meets the eye.


Darrell Taylor was born on November 5th, 1979 in Oakland, Calif. In the real world, 41-year-old Taylor spends his time boxing and training, according to Us Weekly. He’s won fairly major competitions such as the San Francisco Golden Glove competition in the light-heavyweight category. He also makes a living running a fitness center called Lb4Lb along with his wife, Milasent Hernandez. The couple has a daughter and a son. Of course, working as a personal trainer is only going to help Taylor get that edge he may need to win out the competition.

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Darrell has competed in a number of competitions and won; The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II, and Fresh Meat. He has also competed in The Ruins, Fresh Meat II, Invasion of the Champions, Dirty 30, and the upcoming season, Double Agents. He still holds the record for most wins in a row on the show with four seasons won.

When Darrell lost in the very first challenge of the Dirty 30 episode, he was devastated. He’s been candid about his loss. Excessive drinking on the plane prior to the competition site is what proved to be his downfall. Darrell didn’t know there would be a competition as soon as the competitors landed, and was too hungover to perform well during the first event. This loss became a turning point for the then young reality TV star.

His life outside of The Challenge these days paints a very different picture of where he was previously. Taylor is married now and has two children. He’s stopped drinking, and he’s more ready than ever for his long-awaited comeback. Many fans are curious to see how he’s received by the rookies and how he’ll use the mistakes of the past to potentially become The Challenge: Double Agents winner.

Source: Darrell Taylor, Us Weekly, MTV

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