The Deadliest Version of Darkseid Just Made A Powerful Villain Look Weak

Warning! Spoilers for DCeased: War on the Undead Gods #2 by DC Comics

The deadliest version of Darkseid from the DCeased universe just unleashed one of his darkest attacks yet, using his incredible powers to brutally kill Sinestro and steal his Yellow Lantern ring. In DCeased: War on the Undead Gods #2 by DC Comics, Darkseid’s assault across the universe has the villain facing off against Sinestro. However, the Yellow Lantern proves to be no match for Darkseid, as he rips his head off in an absolutely horrifying death scene.


In a world where the Anti-Life Equation was corrupted into a dark virus, turning those it infected into the anti-living, Darkseid has transformed into an even more terrifying version of the already deadly villain. As a member of the Anti-Living, Darkseid has used his Doom Tubes to destroy and infect anyone who stands in his way. In his most recent attack, he faces off against Sinestro as the Yellow Lantern attempts to defend his home planet. However, Sinestro’s fight with Darkseid ends in his darkest death, as the deadliest version of the villain horrifyingly murders him and steals his powers.

In DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #2 by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Andy Lanning, and Rain Beredo from DC Comics, Sinestro is among those who are called to stop Darkseid from killing billions and destroying the Yellow Lantern’s home planet. However, after encountering Darkseid and an Anti-Living virus-powered Supergirl, Sinestro and the Green Lantern Corps quickly discover they don’t have the firepower to match the villains. In a brutally dark death scene, Darkseid grabs Sinestro and rips his head off, all in front of his daughter, Soranik.

If the deadliest version of Darkseid showing off his true powers due to the Anti-Life virus wasn’t enough, the issue ends with the villain getting a notable power upgrade. After killing Sinestro, his Yellow Lantern ring chooses Darkseid as its new host due to his ability to instill fear. The issue ends with the shocking image of Darkseid as the newest Yellow Lantern, ready to end life across the universe.

The death of Sinestro ends up being one of the more violent moments from an already incredibly dark DCeased series. Darkseid grabbing his head and ripping it off his body, while taking his Yellow Lantern powers shows how powerful the villain has become in the alternate universe story, as even Sinestro, who is no lightweight, stands no chance against him. Stopping Darkseid just became even harder, as Sinestro’s death proves taking down the monster will be a near-impossible task.

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