The Family Chantel: Pedro Caught Vacationing With Antonella & Laura

Pedro Jimeno has been accused of cheating on his soon-to-be ex-wife Chantel Jimeno, and many The Family Chantel fans find that his recent vacation with coworkers is highly suspicious. Pedro began distancing himself from his 90 Day Fiancé wife Chantel and spending all of his time with his coworkers, which led to accusations that he was cheating on Chantel with his young coworker Antonella Barrenechea Streuli. However, other viewers believe that Pedro is really seeing Antonella’s aunt and their boss Laura Delgado.


Pedro and Chantel’s marriage rapidly unraveled during The Family Chantel season 4, which resulted in the Dominican Republic native requesting a divorce. Pedro waited until he would be able to apply for U.S. citizenship without Chantel’s assistance, and he also chose to divorce his wife without seeking counseling. Many viewers believe this is because Pedro intentionally set out to scam Chantel and/or already moved on from her. While Pedro and Antonella were shown crossing many coworker boundaries, a photo of Pedro and his boss Laura looking flirty led to fans wondering if Laura was the woman Chantel alleged Pedro committed adultery with.

Reddit user u/FL_born_SC_raised shared an image of Pedro with Laura, Antonella, and some other people as a retort to Pedro slamming Chantel for taking vacations with her friends. “Pedro complains about the trips that Chantel takes…Yet, he’s on vacation, in Peru, with Antonella and them?” the confused user captioned the image. While some commenters thought the image was proof that Pedro was dating Antonella, especially since his mother currently follows her on Instagram, Antonella’s husband was identified to be holding their baby in the image. However, users noted that Laura was also in the image and did not appear to be with anyone. Since the picture did not appear to be from a work trip, many users voiced the possibility that Pedro and Laura are truly an item.

“Interesting that Pedro is in Peru, which is Laura and Antonella’s home country. I don’t see anyone else from the office in the pic—isn’t this a business trip?” u/DowntownTopRanking noted. “I think it was or still is laura this whole time,” u/Sad-Engineering4157 voiced. Other commenters called out Pedro for complaining about money when he also appears able to afford vacations. “He’s got money for vacations to Peru but cried about a retainer fee for an attorney,” u/natashamommy4life observed. Multiple users slammed Pedro for being a hypocrite, as he appears to also have money to spend on trips despite his harsh words towards Chantel.

Though Pedro has already earned the wrath of The Family Chantel viewers, his reputation is set to plummet even further. Previews for the upcoming episode of The Family Chantel show a teary-eyed and furious Pedro accusing Chantel of stealing from him by emptying their joint account. Many fans believe Chantel did the right thing, as Pedro has been known to send all of their money to his villainous family. Pedro is the party who ended the marriage and has been accused of infidelity, which makes many The Family Chantel viewers furious that he feels entitled to Chantel’s money and future income.

Source: u/FL_born_SC_raised/Reddit

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