The Flash: 10 Best Couples That Don’t Include Barry Allen

Superheroes don’t have easy lives. They constantly face new threats, enemies who stop at nothing to bring them down. It’s even worse when these enemies have similarly strong or even better special powers. When this happens, the superheroes usually have their hands pretty full.

Despite all of this, superhero shows aren’t only about action and fighting. The Flash is no exception. In its six seasons (so far), it has featured plenty of romantic relationships between the main heroes as well as supporting characters. And while the attention mostly lies on Barry Allen and his romances, the rest of the characters also got their chance to find love – sometimes more than once.

10 Iris West And Eddie Thawne

There weren’t that many people super excited about this romance – but let’s not forget that The Flash is told from Barry’s perspective, and he hated the fact that Iris dated Eddie in the first season. It seemed like Iris and Eddie clicked well while they were together. After all, if she didn’t like, why would she get together with him in the first place? Not so many details are known about their relationship but it’s safe to assume Eddie was there for Iris while Barry lay in the coma. Who knows how this romance might have progressed if Eddie hadn’t sacrificed his life to stop Eobard Thawne.

9 Caitlin Snow And Ronnie Raymond

Poor Caitlin. She just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to romantic relationships. After all, she lost Ronnie not once, but twice. When Barry met Caitlin, she was heartbroken because she believed Ronnie had died. When she reunited with her boyfriend, she was overjoyed. They got back together and the moments, when they stand side by side – combined with the way Caitlin talks about Ronnie – proved how much they loved the other. They even got married in one of the happiest scenes of the show. Unfortunately, Ronnie died soon after, making Caitlin a widow and breaking her heart once again.


8 Cisco Ramon And Gypsy (Cynthia)

Cisco is another member of the Team Flash who never had much luck in love – right there at the top with Caitlin. One of his better romances happened with Cynthia, better known as Gypsy. They didn’t immediately start out on the right foot since Gypsy stood against the team. However, the chemistry between them was genuine. Gypsy was able to challenge Cisco, and he, in return, brought out her more sympathetic side. Unfortunately, they separated in the end and Gypsy later died.

7 Cisco Ramon And Kamilla Hwang

Speaking of Cisco and his relationship, there’s also his romance with Kamilla Hwang, the talented photographer who later starts working with Iris. Kamilla is pleasantly down-to-Earth and even when Cisco brings her into the team Flash, she handles it with grace.

She might not have such a unique personality as Gypsy, which is why some fans might consider her a bit boring, but she and Cisco are cute together and support each other. Not every relationship has to be filled with a lot of drama, after all, even in a dramatic superhero TV show.

6 Joe West And Cecile Horton

After raising two children as a single dad, Joe West deserved all the luck in love he could get. Unfortunately, he seemed to be destined to remain forever alone… until he met Cecile Horton. They have a lot of things in common – are both wise, compassionate, kind, and care deeply about their families and friends. It’s no wonder they immediately clicked. They don’t always agree with what the other person thinks but they respect each other. Plus, there’s also their adorable baby girl Jenna who cements their relationship even more.

5 Clifford DeVoe And Marlize DeVoe

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one couple standing on the opposite side of the line. Yes, both Clifford DeVoe (aka the Thinker) and his wife Marlize were Flash villains who brought many sleepless nights to the heroes. But they were also a good team who worked together in harmony… until they didn’t. Marlize loved her husband so much that she went to great lengths to help him after his accident, even if it meant hurting others. It’s not a healthy relationship in some ways, but it was real nonetheless.

4 Cisco Ramon And Kendra Saunders

Even relationships that end up with a break-up aren’t necessarily bad. As long as both partners were happy while the romance lasted and they perhaps learned something, evolved as people. That’s also the case for Cisco and Kendra.

Cisco met her when she was still unaware of her true powers and the soulmate attached to it. They were working on deepening their relationship when Kendra learned the truth. Even though Cisco suspected he would lose her, he still stood by her side and encouraged her to master her new powers which was a nice gesture from his side. It’s no wonder then that these two remained friendly despite the ending of their relationship.

3 Henry Allen And Nora Allen

It’s easy to forget this particular couple since Henry and Nora Allen barely appeared together on The Flash. By the time the show starts, Nora is already dead and Henry ended up in prison – wrongfully – for her murder. However, later on, the audience gets glimpses into their relationship, and the love between them quickly becomes obvious. Plus, they raised Barry well which couldn’t have been an easy task. One could argue it’s a shame Henry and Nora didn’t get the happy ending they deserved.

2 H.R. And Tracy Brand

Another couple that wasn’t given the chance to truly shine and develop includes H.R. and Tracy Brand. H.R. was one of the versions of Harrison Wells, but even though he wasn’t a scientist like the other Wellses, he helped the Team Flash a lot. He was the one who saved Iris’s life when villain Savitar tried to kill her. As for the brief romance, despite the awkward beginning, H.R. and Tracy clicked in the end and it looked like their relationship could have evolved into something more… If H.R. hadn’t died.

1 Caitlin Snow And Killer Frost

Finally, it’s time to give space to the most unusual couple on the show – Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost. While not a romantic couple, these two people are closer than any of those mentioned on this list. After all, they share a single body. Caitlin at first struggled with the concept that there was another personality – a more ‘evil’ one – inside her. But as time progressed, she learned to accept this part of herself, and even let Killer Frost have her own life from time to time, do what the icy superheroine wanted. In the end, their story is all about accepting one’s partner, no matter how different they might be. Which is more than can be said about most of Caitlin’s relationships.

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