The Girl From Plainville: First Look At Elle Fanning In Hulu Drama

The first look at Elle Fanning in Hulu’s new true-crime series The Girl From Plainville has been revealed via new stills. Fanning currently headlines Hulu’s historical dramedy The Great, but now looks to be contrasting her role as the queen with a gritty story of crime and punishment. The Girl From Plainville will tell the story of the purported suicide case that saw Michelle Carter accused of manslaughter over the death of her partner Conrad Roy III. Fanning is set to play Carter, who juors were told had manipulated and coerced Roy into taking his own life.

In a recently released image from the upcoming series, audiences get their first look at Fanning in what seems set to be a transformative role. Decidedly less royal looking than in The Great, the actress appears distressed and conflicted in a courtroom setting. Considerably more plain-dressed than in her royal role in her other Hulu series, Fanning’s Carter looks set to keep people guessing as to whether she was a villain or just a victim of a tragedy. Check out the full image below:


The limited series, also executive produced by Fanning, will co-star Chloe Sevigny and Colton Ryan. The Post’s Liz Hannah acts as show-runner alongside Dr. Death’s Patrick McManus, adding to their crime-drama repertoire. With Fanning way less recognizable in these new images, looking to bring a nuanced and complex character to life, there is real potential for an engaging true crime story in the upcoming miniseries. The Girl From Plainvilledebuts exclusively on Hulu later this Spring.

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