The Girl In The Spider’s Web: The 10 Best Quotes, Ranked

Acting as a soft reboot of the American adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s best-selling Millennium novels, The Girl in the Spider’s Web is polarizing, to say the least. The movie was an actionized change of pace from David Fincher’s 2011 remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (as well as the original Swedish trilogy), and it was not well received by fans of either.

That’s not to say all was lost, as Lisbeth Salander’s (now portrayed by Claire Foy) fifth cinematic outing still retained some of what made the previous ones great – namely, the dialogue. In a movie mostly driven by the actions of its characters, these bits of dialogue stood out for good reasons.

10 “One day we’ll talk about your interpretation of that word.”

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is a grim and serious techno-thriller, making its few moments of sardonic but much-appreciated levity shine all the more. One of these occurs following the bombing of Lisbeth’s lair, when she visits her hacker friend Plague and bluntly tells him she needs to borrow some gear.

He replies with the above line, implying that he never saw whatever laptops he lent to Lisbeth ever again or she damaged them beyond repair. Lisbeth, being Lisbeth, dryly inquires if he’s referring to the word “gear.”

9 “Like I promised.”

Similar to the previous quote, this one is humorous – though it could also be seen as badass. Lisbeth doesn’t exactly say the line since she texts it, but she might as well have.

Hot on Lisbeth’s trail, the NSA agent Edwin Needham tracks down her girlfriend Sofia, who he intimidates in order to get her special phone given by Lisbeth. Using this, he impersonates Sofia to trace Lisbeth’s location. He asks Lisbeth when they’re going to f*** again, to which Lisbeth replies “soon.” He traces the signal back to a dingy hallway, only then realizing that the phone was a decoy. Lisbeth texts back saying that, as promised, she f***ed him.


8 “No, worse. I’m a journalist.”

When Blomkvist tracks down the man who bombed Lisbeth’s place, his findings lead him to a shady game bar. Milos, the place’s manager and a victim of the man in question, obliges Blomkvist but before answering anything, he asks if he’s a cop. Blomkvist coolly replies with this line, which convinces Milos to talk.

The Millennium series makes a big deal of journalism’s duty to expose the truth, no matter how disturbing it may be. The fact that Lisbeth, a vigilante hacker, still turns to established journalist Blomkvist to get the truth out proves the field’s importance. Though The Girl in the Spider’s Web oddly downplays and even criticizes journalism’s relevance (in a Millennium story of all places), this line still reaffirms Blomkvist’s calling and why he’s important to the story.

7 “I understand how to open that door.”

The movie’s best scene has Lisbeth helping Needham escape Swedish custody, where she uses her hacking skills to turn the entire airport into her playground. The escape ends with Needham stuck in front of a locked door, which only Lisbeth can open.

The only way for the door to open is for Needham to agree to Lisbeth’s demands (i.e. destroy Firefall and help Frans Balder’s son August return to America), which he sternly declines since she doesn’t understand the American importance of reacquiring Firefall. Lisbeth replies with this line, leaving Needham stuck in a corner.

6 “You should ask yourself that question.”

By the time of The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Lisbeth has become something of a vigilante who specifically targets abusive men to save their battered wives and children. Her introduction has her doing just this, trapping the influential businessman Peter Ahlgren and emptying his bank accounts into his wife’s and telling her to escape.

Enraged and panicking while dangling from his ceiling, Ahlgren demands to know who Lisbeth is. Lisbeth doesn’t give him the time of day, instead coldly telling him to reflect on his actions (i.e. domestic abuse, infidelity, corruption, beating up sex workers, and more) as he writhes in pain after getting a well-deserved taser to the crotch.

5 “I think you are scared what would become of Mikael Blomkvist if there was no Lisbeth Salander.”

In this continuation of the American adaptation of the Millennium series, it’s no secret that Blomkvist is obsessed with Lisbeth. After making a name for himself by helping her crack cold cases and writing investigative articles about her, Blomkvist’s career went into a slump.

With Lisbeth’s sudden return after a three-year silence, he throws himself into this second chance. Erika, his co-worker and lover, sees something else, bluntly calling out his obsession. Blomkvist denies this at first but by the end, Erika’s concerns are proven true, prompting him to drop his latest piece on Lisbeth before falling into the rabbit hole again. He may know what’s right, but Blomkvist has a habit of needlessly making himself the center of things.

4 “People have taken the fall for far lesser causes, Mr. Blomkvist.”

Blomkvist realizes too late that SAPO (Swedish Security Service) director Gabriella Grane was the Firefall buyer who’s been working with Camillia this whole time. To her, getting the program will guarantee world peace since Sweden never went to war, whereas America never failed to miss one. Blomkvist retorts, saying that Lisbeth and August will be tortured for it, to which Gabriella shuts him down with this quote.

While it shows the SAPO director’s (unsurprisingly) misguided understanding of her duties in public service and security, it’s a succinct summary of her ideology that reveals everything about her without devolving into a melodramatic villainous speech.

3 “The past, sometimes, can be like a black hole.”

August may be very young, but circumstances forced him to grow up faster. After his father’s assassination and being narrowly rescued from abduction by Lisbeth, he mostly keeps to himself. Later when she tries to reach out to him over a game of chess, August quotes his father’s words when it comes to processing grief.

In brief, August thinks forgetting his father is the best way to move on. While this is wrong since doing so only delays the inevitable, it’s understandable given his age. The full quote – with the above line following “If you get too close, it might pull you in. And you disappear.” – hammers in how heavy the events weigh on August’s young mind while also summarizing the movie’s emotional theme.

2 “The past.”

In the same conversation with August, the subject moves on to the rescue on the bridge. August asks Lisbeth who the woman in red (i.e. Camillia, her estranged sister) was. After a few seconds of silence, Lisbeth simply refers to her as “the past.”

This carries on Frans’ supposed wisdom, which is proven wrong since The Girl in the Spider’s Web centers on Lisbeth facing the past that she’s been running away from. For the longest time, Lisbeth couldn’t even think of Camillia without losing herself to guilt and regret. Like Frans advised, she acted like Camillia never existed, but this only made their eventual reunion more painful than it had to be.

1 “That day? This is not about a day. It’s about a lifetime.”

The Salander sisters’ reunion is anything but heartwarming, with their tragic misunderstanding finally made bare. For the past sixteen years, Camillia felt she was abandoned by Lisbeth, motivating her vendetta against Lisbeth and the world. Camillia says the above line when Lisbeth claims she can’t be blamed for escaping without her.

However, Camillia never realized how heavy this weighed on Lisbeth’s conscience. In a rare moment of vulnerability and in a tragic moment of humanity, Lisbeth confesses that she never came back for Camillia because of immense guilt and because Camillia chose to stay with their abusive father. Realizing how narrow-minded she’s been, Camillia takes her own life.

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