The Last Kingdom: 5 Best Fight Scenes (& 5 That Let Fans Down)

While it may not get the critics’ attention as much as Game of Thrones or Vikings, The Last Kingdom has proven to be one of the most underrated television shows on Netflix. Not only is it full of gripping storylines and characters but it is also showcases astonishing fight sequences and battles.

So here’s a question for the fans. If they had to pick which battles or fights were the best, what would they end up choosing? Better yet, which ones did they feel lived up to their expectations or felt anti-climatic? Here are the best and worst fight scenes in The Last Kingdom.

10 Worst: Defending Aethelred

Before they made their romance official in the fourth season, Uhtred made Æthelflæd a promise that he would come to her aid if she ever needed him. Æthelflæd eventually required his protection in season 3 when Hæsten tracks her to the nunnery and swears vengeance against her for killing Sigefrid.

As soon as Hæsten and his men broke in to the nunnery, fans expected a violent sequence to follow ⁠— especially as Hæsten was determined to get his revenge. However, Uhtred managed to easily defeat them, placating them by offering up Skade in exchange for Æthelflæd. Why he didn’t propose this in the first place is anyone’s guess.

9 Best: Battle Of Edington

In the season 1 finale, fans finally got to see the Saxons go head to head with the Vikings at the Battle of Edington. With Guthrum’s forces still holding Winchester, Uhtred and Alfred attempted to drive him out of Wessex once and for all. Although it looked like the Vikings had the advantage, Skorpa realizes they made a fatal mistake and switches tactics.

While Uhtred and Alfred manage to subdue and eliminate two big threats, they suffered a great loss also. Not only did Uhtred lose a right-hand man in Leofric but he also lost his lover, Iseult. The victory was well deserved.


8 Worst: The Battle For Mercia

Since they were in a quasi-relationship, it wasn’t surprising that Uhtred wasted no time in joining Æthelflæd on the battlefield. Especially since it appeared her husband and her brother had abandoned her in her time of need as well. However, Æthelflæd was soon relieved when Hywel, Edward, and Æthelred turned up with their forces.

The build-up to the battle had been quite exciting, particularly since fans were praying Cnut got his comeuppance for playing a part in Ragnar’s death. The issue was, it was all a bit anti-climatic. Considering he killed the love of her life, Brida stabbing him in the stomach felt like he was being let off easy.

7 Best: The Battle of Dunholm

After years of believing their sister was dead, Ragnar and Uhtred joined forces to end Kjartan’s torment. While Uhtred tried to infiltrate the fortress with his crew, Ragnar led the distraction, which allowed the plan to succeed easily. With Kjartan and Sven occupied with Ragnar, Uhtred managed to unlock the gate and let their other forces in.

After abusing and torturing her, fans felt it was a satisfying end for Sven to die at the hands of Thyra. Even though it was quite brutal and gruesome, Ragnar also got closure for his family by killing Kjartan. A family reunited at last.

6 Worst: Battle of London

Uhtred is not one to make many mistakes. However, he made a grave one in season 2 when he walked into a trap, which left all the women at camp unprotected and defenseless. As a result, Erik and Sigefrid used this opportunity to invade the camp and take Æthelflæd hostage.

What makes the scene even worse is that the viewers are forced to watch the Viking brothers slaughter hundreds of innocent women and children. It was just disappointing this battle would be prolonged even further.

5 Best: The Battle For Skade

After giving up Skade in exchange for Æthelflæd’s life, Uhtred traveled to Beamfleot to try and get her back. Upon challenging Hæsten, Uhtred lured him to a field on the outskirts of the fortress and faced off against his forces. Despite Alfred turning up with his army, the episode ended on a cliffhanger when he refused to intervene.

Since Edward refused to watch Uhtred and his men be slaughtered, he ordered the march and helped the Dane-Slayer fend them off. Uhtred may not have gotten Skade back but he did put a dint in Hæsten’s army and reclaim Beamfleot.

4 Worst: Battle At Winchester

After allowing Brida to be captured by Hywel’s forces, fans were expecting a bloodbath to occur the next time she and Uhtred met — especially since he was inadvertently responsible for the torture she endured at the hands of Hywel’s men. It also seemed like Uhtred had met his match in Sigtryggr, who rescued her and ended up taking Winchester.

When the time came for Edward to reclaim his seat, fans were on tenterhooks as tensions increased between the sides. They were intrigued even more when Sigtryggr demanded to see Uhtred. However, it turned out the Dane just wanted to negotiate. The battle didn’t even last five minutes — a real waste of time.

3 Best: Battle Of Beamfleot

The battle of Beamfleot is one the fans will not forget as it closed the book on Erik and Sigefrid’s story. After Erik and Æthelflæd fell in love, the Viking decided to help Uhtred rescue her. Ultimately this didn’t settle well with his brother, with the two fighting over Erik choosing love above glory.

While Sigefrid killed Erik, the Viking died not long after as he was forced to face off against Alfred and his forces. As a violent battle enthused, fans saw Æthelflæd emerge the hero as she was the one to take Sigefrid’s life. It was a sort of retribution for him after everything he did.

2 Worst: Battling For Bebbanburg

For the past four years, Uhtred has told everyone about his dream to retake Bebbanburg and how it was his birthright. So when the show revealed that season 4 would see Uhtred finally challenge his uncle, everyone was more than ecstatic.

However, when the episode finally came, fans were disappointed with the outcome. Not only did Uhtred never get the chance to get his revenge on Ælfric, but he was forced to retreat after his people turned on him. Worst of all, Beocca was killed. It was very disappointing and devastating.

1 Best: Battle Of Bedanford

All fans will agree that the battle of Bedanford was the most satisfying of all. Why? Because it was the place where Æthelwold was killed. For three years, fans were forced to watch as he dripped poison in the ear of anyone who would listen.

He became even more obnoxious in season 3  as his thirst for power saw him murder Ragnar. However, his treachery was soon uncovered and Uhtred killed him. With the Danes defeated once more and Ragnar redeemed, it was a celebration all around for Uhtred.

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