The MCU Already Has An Advantage In Explaining The X-Men’s Mutant Powers

It will be easy for Marvel Studios to explain why the X-Men have such a big variety of weird and powerful abilities in the MCU. Superpowers often come from countless different sources in Marvel Comics. They can be the result of scientific experiments gone wrong (or right, as in the case of Marvel super soldiers), magic, or straightforward training, among other reasons. However, the most common way to develop superpowers in the Marvel universe is through the innate X-gene, which gives seemingly random abilities to Marvel’s mutants.


It’s easy to understand how a single gene allows a comic book character to turn their skin into metal or develop retractable bone claws. However, things get preposterous when mutants get the ability to control the weather or bend the laws of physics. With the MCU’s X-Men, outlandish mutant powers like Nightcrawler’s teleportation abilities and Cyclops’ infinite eye beams now make much more sense in a universe where even more fantastical abilities like Scarlet Witch’s reality-changing chaos magic already exist.

Although the X-gene has been notably absent in the MCU, Marvel Studios already laid the foundations for its introduction. The MCU has introduced all kinds of characters from the comics, including aliens, sorcerers, and gods. Now, the most absurd mutant abilities can easily be tied to already existing concepts beyond common human understanding. After more than six MCU Phases filled with a variety of fantastical concepts, seeing a mutant gene pop up among the general population doesn’t seem so out of place. This will help the MCU explore mutants powers to their full extent.

How Mutant Powers Will Be Different In The MCU

Marvel Studios’ unrestrained dive into mutant powers also presents a new challenge for the MCU’s X-Men, as they will need to stand out from the rest of MCU superpowered individuals. By Phase 4, the MCU’s Earth is already acquainted with the fact that shapeshifting Asgardian fairies exist, so what will make someone like Mystique different? Mutants can’t really be special if they’re lumped with other characters with similar abilities. The MCU must amp up the X-gene’s repercussions.

Mutant powers may be much more common and far-reaching than regular MCU superpowers, which could transforming the public perception of superhumans from celebrities to worldwide threats. After all, the X-gene can technically make random humans more powerful than anybody ever seen before in the MCU, and which abilities they get is decided by chance. While some get the ability to look and act like a toad, others can become Omega-level mutants with the potential to beat the strongest Avengers. It’s highly likely that with the MCU as the background, the X-Men will be able to display their abilities in all their bizarre glory.

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