The Most Dramatic & Scandalous Welcome To Plathville Feuds Right Now

Even though Welcome to Plathville season four has come to an end, the drama has not stopped for the Plath family, as there are several scandals and feuds happening now. The Plaths are not strangers to family drama, as they have been divided for several seasons of the show, on and off-screen. From cryptic social media posts to in-law feuds and arrests, the famous family has faced it all.

Welcome to Plathville follows the massive Plath clan, led by parents Kim and Barry Plath, along with their nine children. The show has explored Ethan Plath’s falling out with his parents over his marriage to Olivia Plath, as well as Micah and Moriah Plath’s rebellion, which provoked them to leave their family home. It has also continued down the line, to feature more about Lydia Plath’s life. She is known for being very religious and obedient on the show.


Welcome to Plathville season four showed more family division than ever before, as Kim and Barry decided to separate, and later divorce. Ethan was forced to deal with his parents after being estranged from them for multiple years, while trying to save his failing marriage to Olivia. Moriah was facing a breakup, while Lydia was concerned about still staying in touch with Moriah’s ex. The unprecedented season may have ended on a high note, but there have been hints that there is more drama behind the scenes.

3. The Welcome To Plathville “Solidarity Post”

On August 5, 2022, several of the Plath kids with social media accounts posted identical pictures that called out Welcome to Plathville. Although the post promotes unity among the Plath family members, it discredits claims that Olivia made during season 4 of the show, such as Kim allegedly stealing money from Ethan. Since Olivia and Ethan did not add the post, and were partially the targets, it is likely that they are feuding with the rest of the family, and not for the first time.

2. Welcome to Plathville’s Nathan Shocks Plathville Fans

Olivia’s brother Nathan Meggs appeared calm, cool, and collected on Welcome to Plathville. However, he shocked fans when it was revealed that, on the night of Micah’s 21st birthday, he was arrested for driving under the influence. This was the first time a cast member from the show had such a serious run-in with the law, and fans began to see Nathan in a new light.

1. Welcome to Plathville’s Moriah’s Feud With Olivia

Moriah appeared to patch things up with Olivia on the season finale of Welcome to Plathville, but the sisters-in-law may be feuding again. Moriah was living in Tampa with Ethan and Olivia, but went on social media to announce that she and her dog had a new (albeit temporary) home. She mentioned her brother-in-law Isaac Plath in the post, thanking him for helping her to move. Fans are concerned, wondering if their feud got so bad that Moriah was kicked out of Ethan and Olivia’s house, forcing her to find different accommodations.

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