The Office: 10 Memes That Describe Michael Scott Perfectly

The cult classic The Office is a cult-favorite comedy that seems to get more popular as time passes. The show, which ran for nine seasons and captivated fans with the shows incredibly hilarious writing and character development. Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, grew to be unbelievably iconic.

Michael Scott was known for his inappropriate jokes, dramatic personality, and desperation to create a sense of friendship between himself and his employees. Fans of The Office know how great the character is and definitely find themselves laughing at the ridiculousness that comes from this character’s antics. Keep reading to see 10 memes that describe Michael Scott perfectly.

10 Drink And Drive Joke

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Michael Scott was legendary for the activities that he created to pass time around the office of Dunder Mifflin, usually creating tactics to get out of completing any work. One of Michael’s funniest ideas was the Dundie Awards, which took place at a Chili’s Bar and Grille every year.

The Dundies, which was an award show style evening, was created by Michael to award different employees. One of the most loved episodes of The Office is from the Dundies episode, where Michael acts as an award show host, making jokes, some of which didn’t necessarily land. This hilarious episode is just too funny.

9 When Michael Showed Up To Dwight’s Wedding

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Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute had an incredibly tumultuous relationship, but an endearing one at that. Dwight, who was dedicated to his boss, and his role as assistant to the regional manager, took his position at Dunder Mifflin very seriously, and as a result, became close with Michael in many ways.

When Michael left the show, fans were unsure if he would make a return, but in the end, he did. Michael made an appearance at Dwight’s wedding, which goes to show the kind of boss he really was, and his iconic line, “That’s what she said,” just made the moment perfect.


8 Sentence Line

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Michael Scott was famous and loved by fans for many reasons, but his iconic lines are probably the main reason. He was constantly saying things that made no sense, or, saying things that probably shouldn’t have been said.

However, one of his funniest lines, and most quoted, is definitely the time he stated that sometimes he just starts talking for no reason, which fans found to be so accurate to this character, and incredibly funny. Michael stated, Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”

7 Three Vasectomies

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One of the funniest, and most popular episodes of The Office, is from season four. The episode, Dinner Party shows Michael and Jan’s home while they host a dinner for Jim and Pam, as well as Angela and Andy, which is then interrupted by Dwight and his former babysitter-turned date.

The hilarious episode shows the sad, yet the funny reality of Michael and Jan’s relationship. During the dinner, which was a total nightmare, Michael and Jan get into an argument and Michael reveals he has had three different vasectomies. This iconic episode is loved by fans!

6 The Many Moods Of Michael Scott

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Michael Scott, known for his outlandish responses and dramatic actions, was always surprising viewers with his emotions. This hilarious meme, created to pick the version of Michael you feel most like, truly showcases the wide variety of moods that Michael had during his time on the show.

Whether Michael was sad, heartbroken, angry or embarrassed, he never failed to make his co-workers aware of his feelings, often begging them to help aid in his relief of whatever he was experiencing. This character trait is part of the hilarity behind Michael Scott. Fans can definitely relate to this meme!

5 His Relationship With Toby

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One of the funniest ongoing jokes from The Office was Michael Scott’s relationship with Toby, or the lack thereof. Toby, who worked for Human Resources, was often telling Michael what was and was not allowed to happen in the office of Dunder Mifflin, which, as expected, Michael never took well.

His hatred for Toby only grew as the show went on, and season after season his disdain never went away. This funny moment proves Michael never backed down from his feelings and is seriously too funny. Fans definitely remember this funny episode all too well!

4 His Relatable Honesty

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Michael Scott, although he was often dramatic and emotional, was also incredibly honest and had some really vulnerable moments. Sometimes it was easy to write off his feelings because they seemed so over the top, but when he was actually genuine with his honestly and sensitivities, fans definitely related to him and felt feelings of respect for him.

This meme shows one of those moments of realness, and anyone can relate to this moment. Although the meme is funny, it’s also incredibly relatable and shows Michael’s true colors. Fans sympathized with Michael during this.

3 His Need To Be Liked

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Perhaps one of the sweetest, and sometimes most heartbreaking characteristics that The Office’s Michael Scott possessed, was his desire to be liked. Throughout the entirety of the show, Michael was constantly trying to make friends.

Whether that was with Jim, or Ryan the temp, who he became slightly obsessed with, he was always trying. His need to be liked and build friendships made fans have a soft spot for this character, and ended up being the reason fans of the show grew to love him so much.

2 The Time He Kissed Oscar

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that’s what she said… or he said… 🙂 – michael g scott

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One of the funniest scenes in the series, and one that all devoted fans know by heart, is the time that Michael kissed Oscar. This scene, where Michael desperately and honestly, quite unsuccessfully, tried to show his support for Oscar and his sexuality, got a little out of hand.

The scene resulted in an extremely uncomfortable, but incredibly hilarious kiss between Oscar and his boss, and became one of the most iconic scenes in The Office to date. This scene explains Michael Scott perfectly, and the lengths he’s willing to go to prove a point.

1 Worlds Best Boss

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goodbye michael

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One of the biggest testaments to how loved Michael Scott was by his employees, whether they always showed it or not, was Jim’s goodbye to Michael when he left Dunder Mifflin. Fans know, this goodbye was incredibly sad and hard to watch. The scene shows Michael, visibly upset about leaving his job, which he so deeply loved, as well as his employees, who to him, felt like family.

This scene, while it’s very sad, is also very sweet, and proves that Michael Scott was a great boss, and would be missed by his entire branch. This adorable moment proves how amazing Michael really was.

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