The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 3 New Promo Photos Ranked

Fall is here, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake Cityis back, and it’s time to rank the new cast photos. All the original cast members are returning except Mary Cosby, and there are some new faces and friends of the show. The cast photos might be crisp and clean, but signs point toward an extremely messy season. If the trailers are any indication, RHOSLC season 3 will prove to be the most dramatic yet, and this isn’t The Bachelor, so there’s a good chance it’s true. From Heather Gay’s black eye to Jen Shah’s guilty plea, Bravo audiences won’t be bored.


RHOSLC season 2 focused on Jen’s impending trial for wire fraud and money laundering. The FBI stalked down Jen on camera while Lisa Barlow called her lawyer and Whitney Rose explained how targeted marketing is supposed to work for the group. Heather and Lisa tip-toed around Jen for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Meredith Marks avoided being in the same room as Jen at all costs and planted herself firmly against the rest of the group. Oddly, Meredith allied herself with Mary, who’s since been excommunicated from RHOSLC after refusing to address whether her Church is a cult and not showing up to the RHOSLC season 2 reunion.

RHOSLC fans also lost interest in Heather last year after she’d been dubbed a fan favorite from the start. Heather’s efforts to move away from her Mormon roots pained her deeply but weren’t wildly entertaining. Now that she’s returning with a black eye, Heather is bound to be at the center of more controversial drama. Her newfound cousin Whitney looks like she’s shifting from a storyline about spicing up her sex life to uncovering her childhood trauma. Time will tell if Jen ends up stealing the show anyway. If one thing is for sure, there’s considerable pressure for the cast to step up their fashion game after fans roasted their RHOSLC season 2 reunion looks.

8. Angie Harrington

After getting in the middle of RHOSLC season 2 squabbles, non-Mormon and friend of Angie Harrington is allying with her fellow blonde gals this year, Whitney and Heather. Angie’s pale-pink feathered shoulders had potential, but her dress’s dangly metallic embellishments and raised v-neck aren’t entirely flattering. Her middle-parted side bangs may also be holding her back. Regardless, Angie made a splash in RHOSLC season 2 as a friend of the show, and it’s good to see her return as a friend once again.

7. Danna Bui-Negrete

Danna Bui-Negrete is a long-time friend of Heather’s. In the RHOSLC season 3 trailer, viewers saw Danna stir the pot when she reveals some rumors about Jen and called her out during a night out. Danna’s classic Hollywood soft waves are endearing, but the one-shouldered pink dress feels a little 2006.

6. Angie KatsanevasRHOSLC's Angie Katsanevas promo photo

Wife, mother, business owner, and friend of Jen, Angie Katsanevas’s, made a solid first impression on RHOSLC fans with this halter-neck rose-toned dress. She’s also rocking the official Salt Lake City hairstyle with cascading middle-parted brunette hair, formerly claimed by Lisa and Meredith. Angie may look good in her RHOSLC season promo photo, but will she bring the drama?

5. Lisa BarlowLisa Barlow from RHOSLC's promo photo

Lisa is back in action with her long dark locks with gorgeous waves this year. Lisa’s shiny pink dress is pretty and form-fitting but not particularly dramatic and doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Lisa polarized fans during RHOSLC season 3 when she took a hard stand defending herself against Jen and Meredith. When Lisa had a hot mic moment last year in the bathroom during the RHOSLC cast trip to Zion, she said some not-so-nice things about Meredith, who called Jen “gusty.” Time will tell if the two will mend their friendship.

4. Whitney RoseWhitney Rose's RHOSLC promo photo

Whitney’s slicked blonde hair, piercing gaze, and makeup are all stunning. However, her long-sleeved periwinkle dress is a little on the bland side. While the color compliments Salt Lake City’s icy tundra beautifully, it could have used some bolder accessories to offset the minimalist design. Whitney was busy playing Heather’s best pal during RHOSLC season 2, but this year it looks like Whitney’s planning to open up more and divulge more from her past. Whitney’s always been a fan favorite for her beauty and ability to stir the pot.

3. Heather GayHeather Gay's RHOSLC promo photo

Heather is giving sunny energy with her warm-toned rose dress, voluminous blonde mane, and bright smile. While she also chose a long-sleeved gown, her dress’s draping and small shoulder pads bring more shape and attitude to the dress. Heather, who was blindsided by Jen’s guilty plea, is always a force of positivity and reason, and her sunny demeanor in the RHOSLC season 3 cast photo reflects that. Beyond the black eye, hopefully, Heather can keep the group on the right track this season.

2. Meredith Marks

Meredith came to play in RHOSLC season 3 with this pale rose dress and gently curled dark locks. The dress’s shape, draping, and color are all exceptionally flattering. Not to mention, Meredith’s gaze gives frozen enchantress energy. Fans haven’t always loved Meredith’s fashion; however, Meredith doesn’t need to agree with anyone or have anyone agree with her. The cast has often accused the lone wolf of having a superiority complex, but her stunning look shows she wants to prove she deserves it.

1. Jen Shah


Jen has already stolen the show with her cast photo. In her RHOSLC season 3 promo photo, Jen, who may divorce Coach Shah, is wearing a long sleeve body-contoured glittering champagne-colored dress paired with dangling metallic earrings, and her long dark waved hair. From the power stance to the cleavage and the curves, Jen made the biggest splash in the group’s pale mauve cast photos. Jen, for better or worse, is the backbone of RHOSLC. Her personality is as big as her drama, and nobody is bringing the one-liners or bizarre antics like her. While many fans don’t condone Jen’s legal troubles, they can’t help but root for Jen to stay out of jail and on camera for entertainment’s sake. The planning and execution behind this look prove she’s still the alpha dog on RHOSLC.

Ultimately, some ofcast members have redeemed their poor reputation for fashion from the RHOSLC season 2 reunion, while others are still on the road to recovery. Lisa and Whitney’s minimalist looks came out a little boring. Meanwhile, the new friends of RHOSLC are just finding their footing in the world of Housewives aesthetics. Jen and Meredith swept the floor with the best cast photos for RHOSLC season 3, but fans will have to see if their fashion holds up throughout the season. Jen and Meredith both have a lot to prove to their The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City castmates and each other. If their fashion is any indication, they’ve come to slay unapologetically.

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