The X-Men Prove Gambit’s Soulmate Was Never Rogue… It Was Storm

Despite the years of history, the X-Men proof that Gambit‘s soulmate was never Rogue but actually another of his teammates, Storm. Although they’ve worked together for years, Orroro Monroe and Remy LeBeau have never shown any notable romantic intention but within the realm of the multiverse, anything is possible. Marvel’s Exiles explored the various possibilities of parallel worlds and variations of classic Marvel characters, especially with Weapon X, a group prepared to accomplish their mission by any means necessary. When one mission takes an unexpected turn, it’s revealed that more than one version of Gambit has found love with Storm instead of Rogue, a love that often ends in tragedy.


Weapon X operates similarly to the Exiles, a group of Marvel characters from parallel dimensions traveling to other worlds with missions that ensure its continued survival. But while the Exiles will often use lethal force begrudgingly, Weapon X has no such restrictions. After completing their latest mission at the expense of their teammate Storm, Weapon X finds themselves in a world where the U.S. government used the Sentinel program to eliminate most of the mutant population which included the X-Men and the sympathetic Avengers. Not only is Weapon X tasked with killing the remaining mutants, but their mission is also derailed by their newest teammate Marvel’s own ultra-powrful Superman, Hyperion who proposes they abandon the mission, so they can remain on this world and conquer it for themselves. Weapon X finds itself divided by those who side with Hyperion’s proposition and others like the grieving Gambit, who had grown close to Storm, who simply want to complete their mission and move on.

In Exiles #40 by writer Chuck Austen and artist Jim Calafiore, Hyperion has not only wiped out the Sentinels, but also the U.S. government and half of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Gambit and the others seek refuge with Storm whose disassociation with the X-Men allowed her to protect a private refuge for her and other mutants. After Weapon X gains access to Storm City, Orroro surprises everyone by kissing Gambit almost immediately, revealing later that she was in a relationship with her Remy before he perished. After Hyperion and others arrive and let them know of their plans to stop a giant asteroid from eradicating humanity (that would later end in tragedy for Rogue with Hyperion’s powers), Gambit and Storm steal away a moment together where he reveals that he was also in love with Storm from his world, a marriage cut short by her death.

Gambit’s character has made him one of X-Men’s enduring ladies men and his on-again, off-again relationship with Anna Marie Raven was always complicated by their duties to the X-Men and the unpredictable nature of Rogue’s powers. Although Rogue and Gambit’s love was consummated with marriage, it would appear that Remy’s love with Storm was strong enough to be consistent on multiple worlds. Weapon X’s Gambit had lost his wife sometime before he was recruited and his grief over his teammate Orroro’s death would imply he loved her as well. His interactions with this world’s Storm strongly implies that their connection could be stronger than the one the mainstream Gambit has with Rogue, despite the tragedy that often follows.

When Hyperion’s plan to save this Earth fails, he convinces the remainder of Weapon X to complete their original mission, so they can indeed move on. As the mutant population dwindles to one, Storm implores Gambit to kill her before Hyperion does, preferring death at the hands of someone she loves over a superhuman dictator. Remy’s compliance adds a bitter twist to the idea that Gambit and Storm are soulmates for their love appears to be constantly hindered by death, something that it can transcend but never truly defeat even on other worlds.

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