Thor’s Mjolnir Trick Just Made Captain Marvel Look Silly

Warning! Spoilers for All-Out Avengers #1 by Marvel Comics

In a fight against an evil Captain Marvel, Thor just pulled out a classic Mjolnir trick to stop the corrupted hero from killing him. In All-Out Avengers #1 by Marvel Comics, the God of Thunder escapes a chokehold from a monstrously powered Carol Danvers by throwing his hammer up into the air and dropping it on her with force. The move proves simple yet effective.

Captain Marvel is trying to kill the Avengers in the newest All-Out Avengers series from Marvel Comics. The series, which drops readers directly into the action without explanation, complicated tie-ins, or continuity concerns, features Carol Danvers being corrupted by a group of invading aliens. Thor is among the heroes who step up to stop Captain Marvel, but after discovering her powers, plus her evil transformation are too much for his strength to handle, he pulls off a trick with Mjolnir that helps eventually put an end to the fight between two of the most powerful Avengers.


In All-Out Avengers #1 by Derek Landy, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, Iron Man and Thor are among the Avengers who are called into action to stop a corrupted Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers wants to kill Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as her new spiky form is eager to take down her teammates for good. While Thor and Captain Marvel exchange haymakers, the evil hero eventually gets behind the God of Thunder and begins to choke him out. However, thinking on his feet, Thor throws Mjolnir up into the air and frees himself by sending his hammer crashing down on Captain Marvel.

The Mjolnir trick from Thor ends up knocking Captain Marvel to the ground. When she lunges at Captain America after telling the Avengers she will kill them with her corrupted powers, Steve Rogers throws a portal that sends the hero to space, stopping her. The Avengers, led by Thor knocking Captain Marvel to the ground, buy enough time for Carol Danvers to change into her normal, non-killer form.

Thor’s method for taking down Captain Marvel might not be his most flashy move, such as his God Blast, but throwing his hammer up in the air as he was being choked out bought the Avengers enough time and space to take her down via wormhole. Thor’s Mjolnir trick ended up being the perfect solution to stopping Captain Marvel, even if he didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel with the offensive attack. All-Out Avengers #1 by Marvel Comics is in stores now.

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