Titans Season 4 Synopsis Confirms Brother Blood’s Cult & Metropolis

With filming nearing its conclusion, the first official Titans season 4 synopsis has been released, teasing Brother Blood’s cult playing a huge role and the heroes going to Metropolis. One of HBO Max’s most popular DC TV shows, the gritty live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans franchise, is finally close to coming back this fall. In Titans season 3, Nightwing and his band of heroes dealt with a personal threat in the form of Jason Todd as their former ally took on the Red Hood mantle. However, Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow, turned out to be the ultimate big bad, but it didn’t take long until the team took him down.


For Titans season 4, the heroes are leaving Gotham City behind as they face new challenges and adventures as superheroes. Unlike previous seasons, Titans season 4 will have 12 episodes instead of their usual 13-episode order. While HBO Max and Warner Bros. TV have been keeping most of the story details under wrap, the Titans will face one of the team’s most iconic villains from the comics in the form of Sebastian Sanger, a.k.a. Brother Blood. Played by The Originals star Joseph Morgan, Brother Blood will also be joined by Franka Potente’s Mother Mayhem, who will also be a series regular in Titans season 4, and audiences are now getting a tease of how they will factor into the show.

As Titans season 4 will premiere in November – with an exact date to be revealed later – Warner Bros. TV and HBO Max are bringing the series to this year’s New York Comic-Con. In a press release promoting the panel for Sunday, October 9, the studio provided the first official synopsis for Titans season 4, confirming a number of storylines. Check out the full synopsis below.

“In the upcoming fourth season, debuting this November on HBO Max, having saved Gotham, the Titans hit the road to head back to San Francisco. But after a stop in Metropolis, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a supernatural cult with powers unlike anything they’ve faced before.”

The confirmation of the Metropolis setting comes shortly after the announcement that Titus Welliver will play Lex Luthor in Titans season 4. While Warner Bros. TV and HBO Max don’t refer to it by its name, the supernatural cult is more than likely Sebastian’s Church of Blood, which has been depicted in various DC media. In Titans season 3, a banner for the Church of Blood was actually spotted in Gotham City during Tim Drake’s first episode. Whether or not the new season will tie back to that Easter egg remains to be seen, due to the heroes not being based in Gotham anymore.

Based on the Titans season 4 synopsis, it seems the show will start with Lex’s arrival before leading into the main Brother Blood arc. Given how Morgan has been hyping up Brother Blood’s role in Titans season 4, the synopsis makes it clear that Sebastian will be a very different threat to the heroes. The Church of Blood has always been one of the darker aspects of the Teen Titans comics, and it will be fascinating for fans of the franchise to see how they adapt that cult in the Titans universe. With less than one month to go before the big Titans season 4 panel, trailers and more marketing material will start to come out very soon.

Source: Warner Bros. TV & HBO Max

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