Today’s Wordle Hints (& Answer) March 31st #285

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is for Wordle answer #285; the April 1st Wordle answer is available now.

March 31st’s Wordle answer could be tricky to guess as the word consists of double letters. Since the game does not offer any visual clues for words that use double letters, certain words tend to throw people off. While Wordle offers two color clues for letters used in a solution, it’s still not enough for players to guess some of the tricky words, such as today’s solution. Wordle is still amongst the most popular puzzle games on the internet due to its simplistic mechanics and accessibilty. 


Today’s Wordle answer can be difficult to guess in less than six tries, even if players use strategic starting words. Players can use Wordle‘s hard mode to make things easier, but guessing today’s Wordle answer could be tricky without the right contextual hints. Today’s Wordle is the best example as the word isn’t commonly used and is also deemed unsavory by some. Having said that, some of the below hints might point players in the right direction and hopefully aid them in maintaining their streak. 

Today’s Wordle Hints (March 31st #285)

Many players like to get hints similar to clues they may have come across in other vocabulary puzzle games. These hints are akin to indications seen in crossword puzzles, meaning they do not spoil the answer and give the player a chance to guess March 31st’s Wordle answer.

  • Hint 1: A person of low status
  • Hint 2: A Servile person
  • Hint 3: The word also be used to describe a person’s volume while speaking
  • Hint 4: A Word often used in period drama movies and TV shows

Today’s Wordle Answer (March 31st #285)

The March 31st Wordle answer is LOWLY.

The word LOWLY originates from Middle English word dating back to 1300–1350. The word is often used to describe low-status jobs or positions low in the order of importance. However, the word LOWLY can also be used to describe people when they speak softly or gently. Finally, the word is also used to describe a person who is humble in manner or spirit i.e. free from self-assertive pride.

The first Wordle word we used today was ROAST, which revealed the correct position for one letter being used in today’s Wordle answer. For our second guess, we used BLOWS, and it revealed two more letters being used in today’s answer but were in the wrong spot. On our next try, we used BOWLS, and it showed the correct position of three letters. From there, we could easily guess the word LOWLY as we knew the right positions for three letters in today’s Wordle solution. 

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