Walking Dead Season 11: Who Will Die In The Final Part

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead season 11 and comic book series.The final installment of The Walking Deadseason 11is fast approaching, and with the show known for its shocking deaths, there are plenty of characters who are likely to die. Since 2010, The Walking Dead has followed the post-apocalyptic story of a small community looking to survive in a world overrun by zombies. Along the way came shocking events like Carl Grimes’ death – just one of the seemingly untouchable characters to have ultimately passed during the course of the show. There is little doubt that some of the show’s heroes will perish during The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 – the only question is who that will be.


Some Walking Dead characters are destined to survive thanks to spin-offs that have already been announced. Daryl is set to cross the Atlantic Ocean to go on a European adventure, while Maggie and Negan will travel to Manhattan in The Walking Dead: Dead City following the finale of the franchise’s headline show. Other characters have not yet been confirmed to appear in The Walking Dead spin-offs, but it’s a safe enough bet that Judith and Rick Junior will both survive season 11 to reunite with their father in the currently untitled Rick Grimes and Michonne TV show.

The trailer for The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 makes Rosita appear to be the number one candidate to die as she dangles above a herd of walkers, but given the show’s tendency to keep deaths a secret, this is probably misdirection. For more hints as to who might survive, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series is a good indication as to who might outlive the show. The likes of Sebastian, Eugene, and Mercer will all likely survive given the fate of their comic book counterparts. In the source material, Father Gabriel and King Ezekiel both have major deaths during The Whisperer War, an event that has now passed in the show, and since then both characters have undergone huge developments, so it would be a shame to see either die now. With no character truly safe in the world of The Walking Dead, here’s a look at which charactersare most likely to die in the final part of The Walking Dead season 11.

AaronAaron in Walking Dead season 11 part 2 finaleAaron in Walking Dead season 11 part 2 finale

The Walking Dead’s on-screen story hasn’t always followed Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. Despite that, AMC has a track record of bringing to life some of the source material’s most iconic moments, including Carl losing an eye and Negan brutally murdering Glenn. Some of The Walking Dead‘s most memorable moments have been copied from the comic but with a character swap, like Denise taking Dwight’s arrow rather than Abraham, and Aaron could be in line to take Rick Grimes’ comic book death, where he is shockingly murdered by Sebastian Milton.

The show’s version of Sebastian is essentially the exact same character, and it would be anticlimactic if his assassination of a top-tier Walking Dead character didn’t happen. With Rick Grimes not part of the main show at the moment, Aaron is arguably the perfect candidate to take his death because he is so similar to the comic book version of Rick. As well as looking almost identical, and the fact that both have lost an arm, Aaron and Rick both tragically lost their partner and both became leaders of Alexandria. With Aaron set to be a key player in the rebellion uprising against the Commonwealth hierarchy, it makes sense for Sebastian to try and stop him. But Aaron isn’t the only contender to take Rick’s death.


Instead, Carol could be the one to be killed off by Sebastian. For a while it looked like Carol would be safe from the chop as she was set to appear in the Walking Dead spin-off with Daryl, but since actor Melissa McBride pulled out of the new show, her character is a prime contender for a major death at the end of The Walking Dead season 11. Carol is one of the sole survivors of The Walking Dead‘s first season, and given Daryl is guaranteed to survive the rebellion against those in charge of the Commonwealth in The Walking Dead finale, it is the perfect opportunity to give Carol a huge send-off.

Sebastian’s victim needs to be someone important enough for the bitter villain to make a statement, and Carol is just that person. Arguably Carol has developed into The Walking Dead‘s greatest character, having transformed from a meek background player to a complete badass. Carol will be a key part of the Commonwealth rebellion, so there’s no doubt she will be on Sebastian’s radar. While Aaron fits the bill to take Rick’s comic death, it would be much more impactful if Carol took Sebastian’s bullets in The Walking Dead season 11 part 3.


Jerry in armor in The Walking Dead

Often The Walking Dead‘s most emotional deaths have been because the character at the receiving end is so well-loved. Hershel, Glenn, and Abraham all had gory deaths, but they are remembered more because the characters were audience favorites, so it was hard to watch them meet their end in the ways they did. The final season of The Walking Dead needs another devastating death to spark an all-out rebellion against the Commonwealth, and Jerry should be the one who takes it.

Since his introduction in season 7 of The Walking Dead, the big and lovable Jerry has been universally popular. As well as nobly serving his best friend King Ezekiel, Jerry has always been a reliable protector of his community, which is why he should go out with a heroic death. While Jerry has always been a dependable comic relief character, he needs a defining moment, and sacrificing himself to save his family and friends from those in charge at the Commonwealth would be a fitting way to go.


At the other end of the spectrum, the Commonwealth’s Lance Hornsby is universally hated. In part two of The Walking Dead season 11, the deputy governor of the Commonwealth revealed just how sadistic he is after manipulating Eugene and hiring Leah to kill Maggie. Lance has cemented himself as The Walking Dead‘s final top villain, and the antagonist that Daryl and company will look to take down. Negan aside, The Walking Dead has a reputation for killing its major villains, and Lance will have to go if the heroes want to live in peace.


Magna has been somewhat of an afterthought during The Walking Dead season 11, but her death could be a key part of both Yumiko’s story and the rebellion. Yumiko has taken Michonne’s storyline from Robert Kirkman’s comic series, albeit with some changes. The point of Yumiko’s storyline is for her to become a fully-fledged member of Pamela Milton’s Commonwealth elite, which will put her at odds with the rest of the group who are kept down the social hierarchy. To prove her loyalty, the moment may come when Yumiko has to put down one of her own, in the same way that Rick killed Dwight in the comic during the Commonwealth uprising. Magna is the prime candidate to take that death, given her romantic history with Yumiko and her disdain for the Commonwealth’s class divide.


If The Walking Dead wants to provide a truly shocking death, then Hershel Rhee could be the character to choose. The Walking Dead has never been scared of killing children, and the deaths of Sophia and Lizzie have provided some of the show’s most jaw-dropping moments. Judith and Rick Jr. are safe from being killed given they will probably return for Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead spin-off, which leaves Hershel as the main child candidate to die in The Walking Dead season 11 part 3.

More than providing shock value for the sake of it, Hershel’s death also makes sense given what is already known about Maggie’s future. Alongside Negan, Maggie is set to travel to Manhattan in The Walking Dead: Dead City, but there is no indication that Hershel will be part of that series. It is unthinkable that Maggie would travel all the way to New York without her son after keeping him so close for so long, so Hershel is definitely in danger of being on the receiving end of the most shocking dead in the final part of The Walking Dead season 11.

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