Warzone Teases Zombies In Verdansk Hospital By Sending Scrubs To Fans

It would seem rumors of an apocalyptic Call of Duty: Warzone event are true. The long-teased new zombie event for Warzone appears to be confirmed by Activision themselves. Community members received hospital scrubs with a note suggesting something very scary is coming soon, which seems to be a clear allusion to the previous rumors.

Warzone has been a massive success for Activision over the last year. Not only did it give a great post-launch boost to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it hit at the perfect time. The free-to-play battle royale came right as the Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone inside, meaning people needed something to do. Now, one year later, the beloved Warzone map will reportedly be nuked and erased forever. According to leakers, it won’t be available through any special events, playlist, or anything else once the day of reckoning arrives, which seems to be soon.


The Warzone event hasn’t been officially confirmed, nor are there concrete details, but new teasers indicate something is imminent. CharlieIntel and other Call of Duty community members received hospital scrubs with a note (via PC Gamer), teasing some incoming chaos. “The latest diagnosis? It’s looking grim in Verdansk,” the note reads. “Escape while you still can. I’d say ‘take two of these and see you in the morning’, but you won’t last until morning.” Now, it’s just a matter of when the chaos will begin.

It’s expected the Warzone nuke event will come as a big finale for a zombies event, likely as a way to keep the undead from spreading. The seeds for such an event have been being planted for a while now following a strange shipwreck, missile silos, and more popping up on the map. Given that Activision is officially beginning some sort of marketing strategy, it’s likely it won’t be long before the dead begin to rise in Verdansk.

After this event, it’s not totally clear what will happen. Some rumors suggest a shift to a Cold War-era map, but there’s really not a lot of info at the moment. It’s also expected that Call of Duty 2021 will be revealed within Warzone later this year, though Activision is keeping things quiet on any details surrounding that title. Reports indicate that Sledgehammer will return for Call of Duty 2021 and take players to a WWII or Korean War setting, which could provide a very unique take on Call of Duty: Warzone given it has been a modern-day tactical shooter in its current form.

Source: CharlieIntel, PC Gamer

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