Welcome To Plathville: The Family’s Worst Musical Performances Ranked

While the Plaths may think that they have amazing voices, many Welcome to Plathville fans would argue that some of their musical performances are anything but successful. Kim and Barry Plath raised their children like they were stars in their own version of TheSound of Music. Sadly, not all of their children have musical talent, and have often let the family down.

After four Welcome to Plathville seasons,the Plath family is still the talk of TLC. While some viewers may feel that a few of the cast members are fake, there is no denying that the drama is real. The show has followed the strict Plath parents Kim and Barry as they raised their nine children with no TV, sugar or awareness of pop culture. While the kids can run a farm very well, they may not be able to name the biggest blockbuster film, or all of the Kardashians.


Kim always had big dreams for her family, and that’s why she took them around the country, so they could perform as singers. The Plath Family Band was hoping to rival the Von Trapps, but sadly, that did not ever happen. While there is no denying that some Plath children have great talent, others fall flat and let the band down. While there was no Yoko Ono in the band, some fans wish there had been.

Love Lifted Me

This song was released in 2017, and showed a more united Plath family. Even though Hosanna Plath’s musical talent is unrivaled, Moriah’s vocals are subpar at best. The rebel Plath’s low alto voice was no match for the gospel hymn, as her voice had a pronounced nasal quality. Moriah also failed to sing from her diaphragm. It didn’t help that Lydia and big sister Hosanna were singing off-key. Sadly, even Ethan Plath’s doo-wop riffing couldn’t save the song.

Yahweh My God

The religious song was not a winner among Welcome to Plathville fans. Lydia tried her best to be a low soprano, but once again, she just showed off how tone-deaf she truly is. In this case, auto-tune definitely wasn’t enough to fix the vocal issues. The third-eldest Plath daughter seemed to be singing higher than she needed to be, and she was straining to reach certain notes. There is no doubt that Lydia needs a voice coach to work with her.

Do Re Mi

Now, it’s time to talk about one performance that really takes the cake. This clip shown above, of a Welcome to Plathville ditty, is the most offensive to fans. The entire family is up onstage, as if they were the Von Trapps singing for their lives in an Austrian talent show. The song clearly shows how Hosanna, who is very talented on the instruments, needs to take a moment to warm up her voice. The younger Plath siblings look as if they are lined up to face execution, as they are being forced to sing the song by their parents.

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