What Ayo Said To Bucky After Removing His Arm

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 4 features a tense moment between Bucky and Ayo, when the Dora Milaje warrior uses a failsafe to deactivate and detach Bucky’s arm in the middle of a fight. It’s a move that stops the Winter Soldier in his tracks, but there’s some confusion about what exactly Ayo says to Bucky afterwards.

“The Whole World is Watching” reunites Bucky and Ayo several years after the Winter Soldier left Wakanda with a new arm and a mind free from HYDRA’s influence. Needless to say, Ayo isn’t happy about Bucky helping Baron Helmut Zemo, the man who murdered Wakanda’s King T’Chaka, escape from prison. In their initial confrontation it’s revealed that Bucky speaks at least some Wakandan (though since Wakanda is a fictional nation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe actually uses Xhosa for Wakandan dialogue).


After deactivating his arm, Ayo speaks to Bucky that’s followed by his given name, James. The Disney+ subtitles give this line as “(SPEAKING WAKANDAN), James.” However, subtitles are not infallible and given that Wakandan dialogue is translated elsewhere in the episode, it seems unlikely that the show would fail to offer a translation in such a crucial moment. What Ayo actually says is “Bast damn you, James,” in English. According to Wakanda’s origin story, Bast is the panther goddess who led the very first Black Panther to the Heart-Shaped Herb that granted him his superhuman powers. It’s from Bast that the Black Panther gets his name, and the great panther statue seen in Wakanda is a tribute to Bast.

Considering both the significance of Bast in Wakandan culture and Bucky’s reaction to the words, “Bast damn you” seems to be one of the harshest curses that Ayo could have hurled. Though she’s already unhappy with him at the start of the episode, it’s not until Bucky uses his arm – made of vibranium and given to him as a gift by the people of Wakanda – in combat against the Dora Milaje that Ayo takes the measure of activating the failsafe. Between collaborating with the murderer of King T’Chaka and using vibranium against the people of Wakanda, Bucky has committed a serious betrayal.

In the midst of this conflict, Zemo took the opportunity to make a quick getaway. Curiously, Zemo’s name is included on Bucky’s list of people to whom he must make amends for his actions as the Winter Soldier. It’s unclear whether this means Bucky wants to make amends to Zemo for some reason, or whether he wants to make amends by holding Zemo to account for his actions during Captain America: Civil War. Either way, Bucky should probably add Ayo to his list of names as well, and start working to earn her forgiveness.

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