What Happened To Mercedes Cephas After My 600-Lb Life Season 7

My 600-Lb Life season seven featured Mercedes Cephas and her TLC weight loss journey, and it’s time to share information about her life after the show. The reality TV series follows Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (also known as “Dr. Now”) as he tries to get his morbidly obese patients to lose weight, for the sake of their health. In some cases, things go according to plan, and the patients see turnarounds on the show. However, other cast members find it very hard to make progress.


Mercedes was a 37-year-old mother of two from Ohio. When she was on the show, she weighed 773 pounds, and was suffering from severe lymphedema. She had to rely on help from her extended family and kids, since she needed to stay in bed due to her weight. The My 600 Lb. Life star revealed that her food addiction was the result of childhood trauma due to troubles with her father. She said that he repeatedly raped her, with the alleged sexual assaults starting when she was only 11 years of age. When she met Dr. Now, he informed her that her obesity was putting her internal organs at risk.

Mercedes was unable to complete the requirements that would allow her to qualify for bariatric surgery. She was often seen lying to Dr. Now, or complaining about the strict regimen that she had to follow in order to lose weight for the surgery. She did lose 81 pounds, which was not enough to get approved for surgery. According to Republic World, Mercedes’ Facebook profile indicates that she is back in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her profile also shows that she is a stay-at-home mom. While Mercedes is not very active on social media after My 600-Lb Life, it doesn’t seem like she has lost more weight.

After My 600-Lb Life, Mercedesstarted a GoFundMe campaign, which was listed under the “medical” category. She wanted to raise money to get gastric bypass surgery on her own. She fell short of her $10,000 goal, after receiving only $175. In January 2021, there was a rumor spread online that Mercedes had passed away, but there was no proof that she’d died. Right now, what she’s up to is a bit of a mystery. She does have Facebook and Instagram profiles, but she’s fairly quiet on those accounts. Her last Facebook post was in July 2020, when she updated her profile picture.

As a result, it’s impossible to say if she has been following Dr. Now’s advice, or still finds excuses to avoid eating a healthier diet. The journey after My 600-Lb Life is just as important as the steps that cast members take on the reality series. Alums definitely need to avoid relapses and complications. Some cast members have sadly passed away due to their weight issues. Since the show seemed like a last-ditch attempt to fix a serious problem, fans hope that she found a way to get herself back on track.

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