When Andor’s Flashbacks Take Place In The Star Wars Timeline

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Andor episodes 1-3!There are several flashbacks in Andor that explore Cassian Andor’s childhood, but where they take place in the Star Wars timeline is not confirmed. The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel show on Disney+ brings Diego Luna back as his Rebel spy who died obtaining the Death Star plans. Although audiences already know how his story ends, Andor is meant to feature some surprises about how Cassian gets to that point. This includes the very beginning of him joining the Rebels, which is set up throughout Andor episodes 1-3.


Where Andor falls in the Star Wars timeline has never been easier to pinpoint, as the show directly confirms its placement in the canon. Andor is set in 5 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), which the series confirms with an onscreen text in episode 1. This is the year that the entire first season’s story will take place before season 2 covers the next five years leading up to Rogue One‘s events. The one caveat comes with Andor‘s flashbacks that explore his childhood on Kenari. The first three episodes detail the crash of a Republic ship, Cassian and other kids going to investigate it, and how Cassian is saved by Maarva.

When the Andor flashbacks are set in the Star Wars timeline is a bit unclear, though. Rogue One included a very important moment from Cassian where he tells Jyn Erso that he has been fighting for revolution since he was 6 years old. Andor‘s flashbacks could be set in 20 BBY in the Star Wars timeline then if this is meant to be the moment where Cassian joins the fight, as he is confirmed to be born in 26 BBY in canon. However, Cassian appears to be a bit older than 6 years old during this time, and his original reference could be in regard to the “mining accident” on Kenari. If that is the case, then it is possible that Andor‘s flashbacks are set around 16 BBY when Cassian is 10 years old. This would be a few years after the Clone Wars ended and the Empire came to power.

Why Andor’s Flashbacks Are So Important

The presence of Andor‘s flashbacks are an important part of the overall story that the Disney+ show is telling. The dour state of Kenari after the mining disaster and the continued losses that Cassian suffers as a result of the Republic directly influence his state of mind growing up. Even though the Empire is widely viewed as the villain of the franchise, many of the hardships that Cassian endured as a child are directly tied to the Republic. He might come to hate the Empire too, but there is no mistake that Cassian has hard feelings for the Republic and could have hesitancy about joining the Rebels’ attempt to bring it back to power.

The Andor flashbacks are also likely going to play a major role in determining more of the show’s overall story. Seeing Cassian grow up with Maarva in Star Wars‘ Corporate Zone could be very influential in the skills he acquires to become a great spy, but the mystery surrounding Cassian’s sister is also key. Andor episode 1 directly showed that he is still searching for her, even though they have presumably been separated for nearly 15 years. Just as the flashbacks have already shown him lose friends on Kenari, being taken away from his sister by Maarva will further show the loss in Cassian’s life.

New episodes of Andor release on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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