When Encanto Releases On Disney+ For Free

Disney’s newest computer-animated feature film Encanto was released in theaters on November 24 and will come to Disney+ toward the end of 2021. Encanto features Stephanie Beatriz as the main character Mirabel, with a cast list that also includes John Leguizamo and Alan Tudyk. The movie is a musical, with lyrics written by Lin Manuel Miranda and music composed by Germaine Franco, who also composed music for Coco.

Encanto takes place in a magical town in the Colombian mountains. In Mirabel’s family, everyone has some sort of special power and ability. Mirabel, however, doesn’t have any sort of gift. When she discovers that magic is under threat, she must find a way to save her home and her family.


Initially, Encanto will be shown exclusively in theaters for a window of 30 days. On December 24th it will be available on Disney+, just in time for Christmas. It will release at midnight Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time. Disney+ subscribers will not have to pay anything extra to stream the movie on that date.

Unlike Black Widow and Cruella, the movie will not be available for Premiere Access on Disney+. The only way to see it before December 24th is to go see it in the theater. It is not clear if Premiere Access is a feature Disney intends to continue using in the future, or if it is gone from the platform for good. If the company intends to continue Premier Access, it will need to account for this with new contracts for actors and crew that fairly distribute streaming revenue and address other concerns. After Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit, Disney needs to take these steps to avoid potential litigation from the rest of its stars and talents. Contracts take a long time to work out and negotiate, so if Premier Access does return, it likely won’t be until late in 2022 at the earliest.

One concern about releasing a movie simultaneously in theaters and on streaming services is the issue of piracy. People who want to illegally upload a movie will have easy access to do so if it is released on streaming. There are also worries that simultaneous releases will hurt theaters because people will not want to go out to see a movie they can watch at home. Time will tell if the benefits outweigh the costs enough to bring the feature back to Disney+. Like several other 2021 new releases, the movie will become available to stream after the initial theatrical release; however, Encanto has a slightly shorter window than most, with a delay of only 30 days. Disney most likely shortened this window slightly so that they would have a family film coming out for the holiday season, instead of well into 2022.

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