Which Black Panther Is In Marvel’s New WW2 Game

A new Marvel game starring Captain America and Black Panther set during the Second World War has been revealed, but it doesn’t feature T’Challa as the King of Wakanda. The original story features four playable characters, including a young Steve Rogers and WW2-era Black Panther. The Sentinel of Liberty and the Wakandan King are joined by two other heroes: Gabriel Jones of Sgt. Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos, and Nanali, the leader of Wakanda’s spy network. It also appears to be drawing inspiration from one comic in particular – Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers.


This new WW2-era Marvel game is being developed by Skydance New Media, a studio headed up by former Uncharted director Amy Hennig. Announced officially in 2021, it had been speculated that Skydance’s new Marvel game would follow the Fantastic Four. However, prior to its official unveiling at the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, fresh leaks revealed it would star Black Panther and Captain America in WW2.

As revealed by Skydance and Marvel Entertainment following the release of the game’s official teaser trailer, this version of Black Panther won’t be T’Challa or his father T’Chaka, but instead Azzuri. This WW2-era Black Panther was officially introduced in the aforementioned Flags of Our Fathers comic, which saw Captain America and Azzuri team-up to stop Baron Strucker from plundering Wakanda’s vibranium. Skydance has described its title as a “globe-trotting adventure“, and while the trailer itself focuses on Nazi-occupied France, one would expect the Captain America and Black Panther game to head to Wakanda as well.

Black Panther & Captain America WW2 Game – Who Azzuri Is

In the Captain America/Black Panther crossover comic arc, Flags of Our Fathers, Captain America travels to Wakanda with the Howling Commandos to investigate Nazi activity. Azzuri, who had already been killing Nazis for quite some time, eventually teams up with the Americans to protect Wakanda’s vibranium supply from the Red Skull’s forces. Gabriel Jones even narrates the story and plays a pivotal role. Although said to be an original story, it’s already apparent that Flags of Our Fathers will have some level of influence on Skydance’s new title.

This may not be the rumored open-world Black Panther game that is reportedly in development at EA, but the decision to spotlight a different Wakandan King could be exciting. Azzuri’s comic book incarnation is wise, strong, and ruthless if need be – all ideal qualities for a Black Panther living through humanity’s most destructive conflict. His combat and tactical capabilities suggest that he already had plenty of battle experience before being drawn into World War 2, and he often wields a pair of weapons resembling scythes. He also uses a circular shield, which Captain American modeled his iconic new shield off of after it broke during the conflict. It will be fascinating to see how the video game’s Azzuri will compare to his character in the Marvel comics universe, and how he will differ from the Black Panther fans are familiar with.

Sources: Skydance New Media, Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

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