Who Is The White Worm? House Of The Dragon’s Varys Explained

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for House of the Dragon episode 4 AND Fire & Blood!House of the Dragon has its own version of Lord Varys, with the mysterious figure going by the nickname of the White Worm. One of the most intriguing political aspects of Game of Thrones was the network of spies employed by various individuals in King’s Landing. Alongside Littlefinger, the most notable member of Westerosi politics to obtain so many secrets from big players in Game of Thrones was Lord Varys, the small council’s Master of Whisperers who also went by the nickname the Spider. House of the Dragon is continuing this secretive network of spies, with the Master of Whisperers position playing a big part in the war to come.


In House of the Dragon episode 4, Rhaenyra and Daemon sneak into a brothel in Flea Bottom where he seduces, kisses, and undresses her before abruptly abandoning her. As Daemon leaves and a flustered Rhaenyra calls out for him, a careful young boy is sitting on the steps outside the brothel. The boy runs off after seeing this, with Otto Hightower soon meeting with a messenger who brings word from the “White Worm” about the tryst between Rhaenyra and Daemon.

While House of the Dragon episode 4 doesn’t explicitly reveal the identity of the informant, George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood book confirms that the White Worm is Mysaria. Otto tells Viserys that the source of the rumor about Daemon and Rhaenyra has never led him astray, indicating she has been feeding him information for quite some time. Just as Littlefinger used his brothels to scheme in Game of Thrones, the White Worm began her empire through pleasure houses, but grows to employ many messengers and establish greater connections than Otto as she takes advantage of the value of secrets in King’s Landing.

Why Mysaria Is Called The White Worm In House Of The Dragon

The origin of Mysaria’s nickname is apt to be quite different in House of the Dragon than it is in Fire & Blood. In the books, Mysaria became known as the White Worm due to her pale white skin and contemptible reputation among her enemies and rivals. However, since Mysaria’s House of the Dragon background deviates from the books, the “White Worm” nickname seems to have come from the notable white dress that she wears. Just as Game of Thrones’ Varys had many nicknames, Mysaria will also be referred to by the derogatory moniker “Lady Misery,” a play on her real name and reputation as a source of great distress.

Why Mysaria Helps Otto Hightower In House Of The Dragon

Before he’s fired as Hand of the King in House of the Dragon episode 4’s ending, Otto Hightower informs King Viserys that Rhaenyra and Daemon were seen coupling in a pleasure house, with this intel coming from the White Worm. Since Mysaria was the paramour of Daemon Targaryen, who shares a mutual hatred with Otto Hightower, it was peculiar that she was the commander of the spy network feeding secrets to the Hand aboutDaemon. Since Mysaria runs one of the most popular brothels in Flea Bottom, she was likely approached by someone close to the crown to learn secrets in town, with the House of the Dragon character using this as an opportunity to increase her stature and security in the realm.

Mysaria likely felt betrayed by Daemon when he abandoned her to fight the War for the Stepstones for four years, and decided to give intel to Otto Hightower in retaliation. However, Mysaria tells Daemon that she’s his protector now, so House of the Dragon is teasing that the character is keeping her motivations ambiguous, much like Lord Varys did with his desire to protect the Iron Throne. Assisting Otto is likely due to him paying her the most, as the Hightowers are one of the richer Houses in Westeros. Mysaria says she no longer wants to live in fear, and having insurance from the conniving Hand of the King is helpful in establishing her own espionage empire.

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