Why LPBW Fans Think Amy’ Roloff’s Staying On Show To Help Zach

Fans of Little People, Big World think that Amy Roloff is still on the reality show because of her son, Zach Roloff. Amy has always been a caring mother to her four children, through thick and thin, onscreen and off. Fans are beginning to wonder why she hasn’t left the show, and some of them are pointing toward her love for her son. This seems to be as good a reason as any.

Up until their split, Amy was married to her now ex-husband, Matt Roloff. The 57-year-old was a crucial part of the almost instantaneous success of TLC‘s reality show, Little People, Big World. After their breakup, they have gone on with other partners, but maintain a cordial relationship. Amy got married to Chris Marek, and seemed more than ready to move on from the farm life she had known for several years. She even sold her half of Roloff Farms, and starting filming cooking classes that she posted online.


With so many changes taking her away from the farm, and the hard work involved with starting a new life, fans wonder why she still stays on the show. Fans of the reality TV series LPBW on Reddit have said that one of the reasons she has yet to cut ties with the show is Zach. Fans believe that if Amy were to walk away from the show, it might initiate a downward spiral that would eventually end the series. Zach’s fraternal twin Jeremy Roloff and his wife left the show, and Zach feuded with his dad over how he treated him, concerning the sale of Roloff Farms. Therefore, Amy might be the one holding it all together, and if the series were to stop, it might seriously affect Zach’s finances.

Zach is the last of his siblings who still appears on the show regularly, and it is hard to say what he would do for a living if it wasn’t for LPBW, based on what fans have seen on the show. He always planned on taking over the farm, but now, it seems like that plan is dead in the water. He has moved his family to Battleground, Washington, an hour away from the farm. Zach and Amy have always had a close relationship, with him being the only little person among her four children with Matt. They have shared experiences that are uniquely theirs, like climbing Mount St. Helens.

A lot of Little People, Big World fans think that this is the main reason why she still films the show, even though that means hanging out with Matt and his wife. Amy has always been a fan favorite because of her personality, and how she handles problems, so staying on the show for her son would definitely fit her personality. With TLC yet to confirm if the show might be coming back for season 24, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen next.

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