Why Marvel’s New Iron Fist NEEDS to Fight Wolverine ASAP

This post contains SPOILERS for Iron Fist #5

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Iron Fist, Lie Lin embraces his true power as both the Iron Fist and Sword Master, a transformation that makes him the perfect rival for the X-Men’s Wolverine. While Lie has been struggling with his new role as the Immortal Iron Fist and the destruction of his Sacred Sword of Fu Xi, this new issue sees the hero finally achieving the balance between his dual roles in the Marvel Universe. Now all he needs to do is have a misunderstanding with Wolverine.


In previous issues of Marvel’s new Iron Fist series from writer Alyssa Wong and artist Michael Yg, Lie Lin became the new Iron Fist after being chosen by Shou-Lao the Undying (without having to fight the dragon or enter K’un-Lun’s traditional tournament like the previous Iron Fist Danny Rand and those before him). This occurred in the aftermath of Lie’s Sacred Sword being shattered with many of the pieces getting embedded in his hands (creating significant issues during his attempts to summon his new fist). As such, the former Sword Master and current Iron Fist has been collecting all the pieces of his sword while fighting the demon hordes belonging to the Dark Destroyer Chiyou.

Now, the new Iron Fist #5 sees Lie Lin battling his brother who’s been corrupted by Chiyou. Additionally, Lie finally comes to terms with his new abilities, finding the balance between the two forces that have both chosen him to wield their respective power. Unleashing the Iron Fist in one hand, the Sacred Sword shards come together to form dual spikes in the other, proving that Lie Lin can be both the Iron Fist and Sword Master simultaneously. As such, Lie’s sword spikes are practically a direct challenge to Wolverine and his classic adamantium claws.

Lie Lin As Iron Fist and Sword Master

With Lie Lin becoming one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe in this new issue, it certainly seems as though Logan would be the perfect hero for him to clash with in future issues. Would the Sacred Sword spikes be equally matched Wolverine’s claws or would one overpower the other? At any rate, it does seem as though Wolverine would be the perfect test should a reason be provided for them to duke it out.

While Lie Lin has now found a balance between the two forces he’s now host to, there’s still much he has to learn as Marvel’s Iron Fistcontinues. To that end, it looks as though Danny Rand has offered his help to train Lie with Shang-Chi and White Fox being teased as mentors as well. In the same vein, perhaps Wolverine could offer his own experience. Either way, a meeting/showdown between the two heroes does seem to be in order now that they have something pretty major in common. Iron Fist #5 is on sale now.

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