Why Ray J is Threatening to Sue Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J is threatening to sue The Kardashiansstar and her momager Kris Jenner for allegedly orchestrating the infamous 2007 sex tape and making him look like the bad guy. Ray J has been doubling down on his claims that Kim and Kris were the ones who organized the deal to sell their X-rated tape to Vivid Entertainment in an effort to get famous. Earlier this year, Ray J did a tell-all where he broke his silence on the alleged truth behind his sex tape with Kim that was shot during their time as a couple in the early 2000s. For 15 years, it has been rumored that Ray J was the one behind the leaked tape.


However, Ray J, who stopped sleeping around with Kim, claims the tape was never leaked, and Kim and Kris sought out the company that brokered the deal and put millions in Kim and Ray J’s pockets. The tape was also released the same year the KarJenners premiered their now infamous reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Ray J remains adamant that he jokingly came up with the idea for the tape, but Kim took it seriously. Ray J alleges Kim wanted to release the tape in hopes of receiving the same boost to her career and level of celebrity as her friend Paris Hilton. Kim and Kris remained silent about Ray J’s shocking claims for months until recently, when Kris took a lie detector test that allegedly proved she didn’t orchestrate the tape.

The lie detector test sent Ray J, who should sue Kim and Kris, over the edge and resulted in an all-night Instagram Live rant where the singer produced DMs, contracts, and proof that Kim signed the contract with Vivid on his behalf. He also claims Kris ordered her daughter and Ray to shoot three tapes that she watched and picked the one she liked the best. “YOU f€Cked with THE WRONG BLACK MAN krisjenner @kimkardashian,” Ray J exclaimed in his lengthy caption. He went on to accuse Kim and Kris of “inhumane” and “foul” behind-the-scenes antics that he now feels are “racist.” After blasting the polygraph examiner who conducted the lie detector test on Kris, Ray J threatened legal action against Kim and Kris. “EVERYBODY IS GETTING SUED BC 4 DEFAMATION!!” Ray J quipped.

The “One Wish” singer also called out Kim, who blind-sided Kanye with a second tape, for her past legal battle with Ray J’s sister Brandy and mother, Sonja Norwood. “YOU STOLE ALL THAT MONEY FROM MY MOM AND SISTER — OVER 800k and YOU HAD TO PAY IT BACK BECAUSE YOU WERE GUILTY,” Ray J exclaimed before accusing Kim and Kris of trying to “bury” the fact they were caught stealing hundreds of thousands from the Grammy award-winning singer. He went on to slam John Grogan for conducting a “fake lie detector” test on Kris during her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Ray J is also accusing Kim and Kris of painting a false narrative of him since 2007 and making him out to be the one who allegedly leaked the tape on purpose.

Ray J produced evidence Kris orchestrated the tapes, and that Kim knew about them and possibly even forged Ray J’s signature to close the deal. The Kardashians star has admitted to how hungry for fame she used to be. But now, as a billionaire superstar, Kim has achieved all the fame and fortune she was after years ago. Unfortunately, her skeletons are falling out of the closet, and the world is finding out just how desperate she was for fame. Kris’s alleged involvement in her daughter’s sex tape has many looking at her differently.

Source: Ray J/ Instagram

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