Why RHOBH Fans Think Diana Jenkins is Doing Damage Control

Diana Jenkins made donations, and filed lawsuits on behalf of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and fans think it’s her attempt at damage control. Diana has been under fire from viewers, who believe that she hasn’t brought much to the show, other than negative energy. The season twelve newcomer had the chance to become a new fan favorite, based on her at-home life and dynamic with the group. However, despite how cute her baby is, and how well her fiance sings, Diana’s storyline and presence have fallen flat with the show’s fans.


She first faced backlash after an incident with a blogger, whom she tried to diss in a racially insensitive manner. The Bosnia native and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star later apologized, and tried to excuse the racist remark by referencing her European background. Diana also faced criticism by seemingly teaming up with the “Fox Force Five” to attempt a takedown of Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke. Diana took issue with both women for different reasons, and didn’t let go of her grudge, no matter how many truces were attempted. On social media, Diana has been trying to further ignite her feud with Garcelle, by scolding the show’s only Black housewife about her charity work in predominantly Black countries.

Fans have been accusing Diana of racism and being mean-spirited. Many wondered if she was behind the recent bot attack against Garcelle’s 14-year-old son, Jax. To shut down the rumors, Diana filed a lawsuit, to find out who was behind the bot attack. Elsewhere, Diana donated $100,000 to alleged victims of Erika Jayne’s estranged ex-husband, Tom Girardi. Despite Diana’s good deeds, fans suspect that she is trying to change the negative perception surrounding her name. Reddit user u/Extreme-Physics1670 shared a screenshot of Diana’s Instagram post, which announced her bot attack lawsuit. Many fans questioned its timing: “The way this woman is trying to revamp her image & control the Bravoverse through the court system,” one Redditor said.

Others noted how “weird” it was for Diana to file a lawsuit about something that didn’t involve her. The lawsuit follows Diana filing cease and desist letters against media outlets for allegedly publishing false claims about her. Fans think she has become a liability to the network. “This lady will end up filing a lawsuit against Bravo. Mark my words,” one Redditor said. With Diana’s legal action coming just ahead of the reunion, fans think that she is trying to protect herself from anyone accusing her of paying for the bots. Others called Diana’s recent actions “strange,” and questioned if her intentions were pure.

As the season twelve newcomer, Diana has been facing more criticism than positive reviews. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have been calling for her removal. The speculation surrounding Diana only heightens fans’ criticism against her. It’s rumored that Diana opted out of being physically present at the reunion, after allegedly testing positive for COVID-19. It’s only further fueling speculation and calls for her firing. At least she filed some lawsuits, and made donations on behalf of her fellow cast members.

Source: u/Extreme-Physics1670/Reddit

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