Why Some 90 Day Fiancé Fans Just Can’t Sympathize With Shaeeda Anymore

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans are tired of feeling sorry for Shaeeda Sween after she married Bilal Hazziez, despite knowing the red flags. The 37-year-old cast member is known for her appearance in season 9, during which she married her American beau. The couple first met online, after which Bilal traveled to Trinidad and Tobago to meet his future wife. Soon after, the duo got engaged and debuted on the show to tell their story. Unfortunately, their on-screen journey began on the wrong note when the 42-year-old reality star purposely tested the Caribbean beauty’s love for him.


As most fans know, Bilal initially lied about his wealth to Shaeeda to see if she was only into him for his money. The whole thing was too cumbersome for the yoga instructor, who had just landed in a new country only to be deceived by her fiancé. While Bilal made up for his prank by gifting some things to Shaeeda, he still wasn’t fully convinced of her faithfulness to him. In another episode, he asked Shaeeda for a prenup, hurting her feelings. 90 Day Fiancé viewers felt sorry for her and thought it would be best for her to leave the relationship, as the two were incompatible. However, Shaeeda shocked fans by tying the knot at the end of the season.

Since her marriage, viewers have lost sympathy for Shaeeda for multiple reasons. Many fans now feel that she is hiding something about her past regarding her two failed engagements. A Redditor highlighted the issue by stating that Shaeeda’s past breakups are more serious than people anticipate. The comment, by vaderismylord, said, “Here two failed engagements and a failed business isn’t that big a deal. Over there it’s a huge one.” Another Redditor wrote, “I do wonder why she had two failed engagements.”

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans think the season 9 star married Bilal because she is getting old and wants kids. Since she has accepted the Missouri native despite his bad attitude and red flags, people find it hard to sympathize with her. “I did feel bad for her at first,” a Redditor wrote and added, “but don’t have any sympathy anymore. She not only chose him knowing what he is like but actively defends him.” Another Redditor debunked Shaeeda’s reasons for marrying the American man and commented, “She’s pushing 40 and knows she can’t get a man back home.”

A few 90 Day Fiancé viewers lost sympathy for Shaeeda as they believe she’s in a relationship with her husband for financial reasons. Fans think Shaeeda is with Bilal so she can use him to build her dream business in America. Fans saw that she had asked for full ownership of her brand. Since Shaeeda is the one who snuck into Bilal’s DMs, fans feel she doesn’t care about anything but money. A Redditor wrote, “She is indeed shady AF, I don’t trust her neither. She just wants that big house & expensive lifestyle.” Someone else shared that they knew Shaeeda’s mind was thinking about money when she arrived at Bilal’s family home and asked for something sophisticated. It will be interesting to see if Shaeeda will be able to change 90 Day Fiancé fans’ perception in the future.

Source: vaderismylord/Reddit

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