Will Army Of The Dead 2 Happen? Everything We Know

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas – but does that mean that Army of the Dead 2 will happen? The action-packed zombie romp Army of the Dead, directed by Zack Snyder, already has a prequel movie in the can and an animated spinoff series on the way, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews could lead to Netflix green-lighting a sequel.

Army of the Dead is Snyder’s second zombie movie, following his 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Dave Bautista stars as Scott Ward, a former mercenary who is hired to infiltrate the walled-in city of Las Vegas and fight his way through the zombie hordes to retrieve $200 million from beneath one of the casinos. Scott recruits a team to help him pull off the dangerous heist, but after getting into the city they discover that the zombies aren’t quite as brainless as they seem.


Snyder had the idea for Army of the Dead soon after the release of Dawn of the Dead, and the movie was actually first announced back in 2007. Fortunately, the wait for more stories set in the Army of the Dead universe won’t be long. Here’s what we know so far about Army of the Dead 2‘s possible release date and story details, as well as the animated spinoff series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and prequel movie Army of Thieves.

Army Of The Dead 2 Release Date Info

As eagerly anticipated as Army of the Dead 2 might be, it probably won’t be the next movie immediately on Snyder’s agenda. In addition to Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, Snyder is also working on another anime-style series for Netflix that’s based on Norse mythology. Given the positive reception to both Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Army of the Dead, Snyder could use his current popularity to get another passion project off the ground: The Last Photograph. The script, which Snyder co-wrote with Kurt Johnstad (300), is set in Afghanistan and is about a wartime photographer who teams up with a special ops soldier. The Last Photograph has been in development for almost a decade, and was at one point going to be Snyder’s next project after Justice League, so he may push to make that his next movie.

If The Last Photograph does continue to struggle in development hell, or if Netflix pushes for an Army of the Dead sequel as soon as possible, then the earliest Army of the Dead 2 could release would be 2023. Filming on Army of the Dead began in July 2019, and the movie eventually released on Netflix almost two years later, in May 2021. The coronavirus pandemic and reshoots required to replace Chris D’Elia with Tig Notaro were both factors in lengthening the production schedule, but since there isn’t even a script yet for Army of the Dead 2, it’s unlikely it could begin filming before late 2021 at the earliest.

Army Of The Dead 2 Story Details

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Army of the Dead.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Snyder confirmed that he already knows what Army of the Dead 2‘s story will be, if a sequel does end up going ahead. Moreover, he indicated that he would be keen to make Army of the Dead 2 if Netflix gives it the green light:

“I’m knocking on wood right here, but if there was an opportunity for a sequel, Shay [Hatten] and I know exactly what happens with that. We’ve done a long and hard look at where that movie would go, and it’s pretty crazy… If we were to do a sequel to this, it continues the zombie story. It takes it even further.“

As expected from a zombie movie, Army of the Dead has a high body count and not many characters get to the end alive. Scott’s daughter, Kate (Ella Purnell) makes it out alive and with just enough money to start a new life. Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) also manages to survive the nuking of Las Vegas, thanks to being locked in the casino vault when the bomb hits, and it’s Vanderohe’s ending that has the most obvious sequel set-up. After getting on a private plane with three big bags of cash, he starts to become ill and it’s revealed that he’s nursing a bite wound from Zeus, the alpha zombie. Vanderohe appears to be on the verge of turning undead, but will he become a regular fast zombie, an alpha zombie like Zeus, or somehow manage to retain part of his humanity? Either way, the ending suggests that Army of the Dead 2 could focus on a new zombie outbreak in Mexico, since that’s Vanderohe’s destination.

Army Of The Dead Spinoffs

There are two confirmed Army of the Dead spinoffs making their way to Netflix. The first is Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, an anime-style series set during the early days of the zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. The series’ voice cast includes Joe Manganiello, Christian Slater, Harry Lennix and Vanessa Hudgens. Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, Tig Notaro and Omari Hardwick will also reprise their roles from Army of the Dead.

The second is Army of Thieves, a prequel movie focused on Matthias Schweighöfer’s safe-breaking character, Ludwig Dieter, which was also directed by Schweighöfer. This won’t (as far as we know) be a zombie movie, but has been described by Snyder as “a romantic comedy heist film.” Filming on Army of Thieves completed in December 2020, and the film is expected to release on Netflix in 2021.

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