Will Diggle Finally Become Green Lantern In Superman & Lois Season 3?

John Diggle might get the chance to become Green Lantern on Superman & Lois that did not come to pass for him in the Arrowverse in Superman & Lois season 3. The Superman & Lois season 2 ending closed with the revelation that the series is not set in the Arrowverse. That also impacts the show’s multiversal incarnation of John Diggle (David Ramsey), who made appearances in the first two seasons of Superman & Lois. While Superman & Lois‘ John Diggle may be similar to his Arrowverse counterpart, there are some aspects of his storyline that could be very different in this universe.


During an appearance at the 2022 DragonCon, Ramsey commented on Superman & Lois‘s version of Diggle possibly becoming Green Lantern, stating “The ring is still around. It exists in Superman & Lois”, while making clear that no plans had yet been set in motion for Diggle to wear the ring on the show. Ramsey also explained the tease of John Diggle becoming the Arrowverse’s Green Lantern being ultimately unfinished was a result of the understanding that the Arrowverse would be coming to an end (Superman & Lois‘s non-Arrowverse status being beneficial partly for that reason). Ramsey’s comments on the different Green Lantern situations for the Arrowverse and Superman & Lois offer a lot to examine.

Diggle’s unrealized Green Lantern future in the Arrowverse was a letdown for many, especially with Ramsey having been one of the Arrowverse’s foundational characters with his role as John Diggle. The advantage of DC movies and shows transitioning into a multiverse could nonetheless give Diggle a second chance to wield Green Lantern’s might. Even better, Diggle doing so as an ally of the Man of Steel on Superman & Lois season 3 could actively build upon the twist ending of season 2.

The Arrowverse’s Abandoned Green Lantern Story Explained

Diggle’s discovery of the box with the green glow inside in Arrow’s final episode set many minds racing that his transformation into the Arrowverse’s Green Lantern was right around the corner. However, while Stargirl debuted a Green Lantern, Diggle instead experienced headaches that he attributed to the mysterious green item in the box. The Flash season 8 finally resolved the box’s mystery, albeit in a way that turned Diggle away from any future with a Power Ring after consulting with Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) in his ARGUS prison cell.

Thawne unveiled that items such as the green box periodically appear to humans with the capacity to use their power. With Thawne’s help, Diggle opened the box and saw different versions of his life played out before his eyes. With the knowledge that such lives would come at the cost of Diggle leaving his family, he chose to turn down the alien power it presented, effectively ending any potential future for him as Green Lantern in the Arrowverse.

Diggle Becoming Green Lantern On Superman & Lois Could Build On S2’s RevealArrowverse David Ramsey As John Diggle And Green Lantern

In revealing the show’s Man of Steel as one of the five versions of Superman Tyler Hoechlin has played, that similarly gives Superman & Lois‘ version of Diggle a clean starting point on his potential Green Lantern future, and provides an added story benefit. In the Superman & Lois season 2 ending, General Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh) reveals that Superman is the lone metahuman hero in the show’s Earth. That reveal was what finally made it clear that Superman & Lois is set outside the Arrowverse, but the news that the Man of Steel is the only metahuman saving lives on the show does not necessarily have to be permanent, as Diggle becoming Green Lantern in Superman & Lois season 3 could actively build on the twist.

The Clark Kent of Superman & Lois has largely only known metahuman villains like Rya Khilstedt’s still alive Ally Allston a.k.a. Parasite, his own son Jordan (Alex Garfin) being the major exception. Superman meeting another hero with powers would not simply be a reveal to bring more DC heroes on the show, John Henry Irons (Wolé Parks) and his daughter Natalie (Tayler Buck) fighting by his side already having accomplished that. Green Lantern would be the first pillar DC hero for Hoechlin’s Superman on Superman & Lois to meet, building upon season 2’s ending as an event neither he nor Sam Lane would see coming in the world they’ve known so far. Diggle as Green Lantern could also be another character to thread the needle of what Superman & Lois has done so well with Clark’s relationship with John Henry Irons as he has become Steel, being one of two heroes learning from each other.

With Ramsey’s comments on the Power Ring being in the universe of Superman & Lois, Diggle might finally get to speak the Green Lantern oath. Bringing smiles to the faces of those saddened by Diggle not having done so in the Arrowverse would also just be the tip of the iceberg of the story it could tell. With Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman having mainly stood alone on Superman & Lois, having the Man of Steel meeting a member of the Green Lantern Corps in Superman & Lois season 3 – or even later – could further add to the show’s story.

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