Will There Be A Fallout 5?

It’s been five years since Bethesda released Fallout 4, and two since Fallout 76. Neither of those titles seemed to satisfy fans the way Fallout 3 or New Vegas did, which is why many people are looking ahead to the future of the series. Bethesda has stayed pretty quiet on the subject, so is Fallout 5 even happening? And if it is, when could fans realistically expect a release date?

The Fallout series is known for its dystopian American settings, taking place after a nuclear fallout has left the country a wasteland full of mutants, raiding parties, and Lovecraftian horrors. The first Fallout game arrived on PC in 1997, and it was quite different from the current games in the series (it had turn-based combat, for example). However, once Bethesda began work on the series with Fallout 3, the series essentially became a sci-fi Elders Scrolls with guns, and it reached new heights of popularity.


Even though some fans were disappointed with Fallout 4 the game was still a success both commercially and critically. It makes sense Bethesda will continue making Fallout games, and Fallout 5 seems the most likely next entry in the series. Even though sales and reviews haven’t been kind to Fallout 76, the online game’s lackluster reception wouldn’t be enough to cause Bethesda to axe the entire series. It’s a pretty sure bet to say Fallout 5 will release eventually, but the real question is when.

When Will Fallout 5 Release?

Even though Fallout 5 hasn’t been officially announced, it’s probably only a matter of time. The series is one of Bethesda’s most profitable and popular franchises, so the company isn’t going to cancel the series just because Fallout 76 stumbled. But that brings up the question of when exactly fans should expect the game to release.

So far, Bethesda has announced Elder Scrolls 6 for next-gen consoles, but the company has stated the game is still years away from release. Realistically, Bethesda probably won’t release Fallout 5 until after Elder Scrolls 6, which puts a release date somewhere in the next five years. However, it’s also important to look at the time Bethesda spent between previous Fallout releases. Fallout 3 released in 2008, with Fallout 4 in 2015. If Bethesda keeps the same development time for Fallout 5, that puts the game’s release year at 2022. However, the release (and subsequent time spent updating and patching) of Fallout 76 could have slowed this pattern somewhat.

Since the game has yet to be announced, a release year of 2022 may seem a little too hopeful. However, fans could reasonably expect an official Fallout 5 announcement soon, perhaps even at the upcoming PS5 Showcase. Until then, a release date for the game seems years away.

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