WWE News: WarGames Set To Headline Survivor Series On November 26

Triple H continues to borrow things that worked in NXT for WWE’s main roster, with the latest example being the WarGames match being brought to the Survivor Series premium live event. WarGames had become a staple of the developmental brand over the last several years, with some of the brand’s most brutal matches taking place under that stipulation. Now, the match that Dusty Rhodes first conceived of back in 1987 will be given a headline spot in one of the company’s “big four” shows.


This will be the first time a WarGames-style match will take place at a WWE-branded event, making the 2022 edition of Survivor Series historic right from the jump. WarGames has been used five times in NXT, usually as a blowoff match between warring factions. The Undisputed Era, Sanity, and The Authors of Pain, plus Roderick Strong, took part in the first NXT WarGames match back in 2017, putting on an absolute classic in Houston, Texas.

In a press release, WWE announced the show. “WWE today announced that Survivor Series will feature both men’s and women’s WarGames matches. The Premium Live Event – branded WWE Survivor Series WarGames – will take place on Saturday, November 26 from TD Garden in Boston.” The release explained the match like this: “The men’s and women’s Survivor Series WarGames matches will feature teams of WWE Superstars stepping inside a massive steel cage surrounding two rings. The match begins with one member from each team facing off, before additional competitors are added every few minutes thereafter. Once all Superstars have entered WarGames, a victory can be attained via pinfall or submission.“

WarGames Will Give Survivor Series A New Vibe

WarGames is generally faction warfare at its finest. It’ll be interesting to see how WWE builds to Survivor Series now that the Raw vs. SmackDown element has seemingly been removed. The show could be built in a way that would allow stars from each brand to battle, but over the last several years, there hasn’t been anything on the line as the red and blue brands battle for supremacy. Builds have been somewhat lackluster, with wrestlers from Raw invading SmackDown and vice versa and returning to their home shows like nothing happened after Survivor Series is over.

Perhaps audiences will be treated to an All-Star Game type match, with several of Raw’s top stars fighting SmackDown superstars. Triple H probably won’t take that approach, though, if how he handled WarGames matches in NXT is any indication. The rules of the fight naturally build tension and lead to fantastic in-ring storytelling possibilities. Maybe fans will see a Roman Reigns-led Bloodline take on a team fronted by someone like Kevin Owens or even Logan Paul. There are a lot of possibilities in play now, and November is quickly shaping up to be a big month for WWE, with Crown Jewel set to take place on November 5 and now Survivor Series happening just 21 days later.

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